Rivet or Screw

I am new to the whole kayak thing I just bought a Sun Dolphin Bali 10 ss it is a nice boat but has some issues.

Some of the screws keep coming loose and 1 is missing should I just take out the screws and replace with rivets I have seen some others have used rivets on other projects on their kayak.

I have used pop rivets on both plastic boats and composite boats and have never had an issue. Be sure to use rivets intended for marine use.


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on what the screws are hold down or attaching and the pressure that is being put on that.

I installed thigh braces and handles on my scrupper pro SOT using rivets. Once on a camping trip, while practicing rolls for giggles, the rivet on one end of the thigh brace gave. Blew my roll. LOL!

More serious, as I was cartopping the SOT using the handles to lift the boat up, a rivet broke for the handle and I dropped the SOT against my car, scratching it. Good thing I don't care much about my car, including the look, except that it works to get me to surf and kayaking spots. :)

I replaced the rivets for my thigh braces and handles with marine screws and washers. I add a dap of goop or lexel to the screws to minimize the chance of them getting loose. Did the same for the perimeter loops holding the perimeter lines.

I left the rivets holding the paddleholder and various padeyes alone.

rivet rivet

if the fastener is not blind, if the fixture is boltable with a nut the #8 or #10 stainless steel hardware with a phillips head bolt and a nylock nut washers both ends…see also rivet washers at MC

I really do not like rivets on boats. They are hard to repair in the field. I prefer screws and or bolts. Sometimes you need to use some epoxy to make repairs.