riveting issue

I posted a few weeks ago about having difficulty finding some rivets for to fix up my canoe. On good advice, i went to Fastenall, but no luck. i still haven’t found the ones i need and so am soliciting anybody who might sell them. i hope this isn’t against the forum rules, but i am running out of options. this is what i need:

aluminum/aluminum blind rivets

50 count of the following:

large flange (broad head)

head diam- 5/8ths or .625

length- 3/8ths or .565

body diam- 3/16ths or .187

Also, 50 count of the following:

Dome head (standard)

head diam- 3/8ths or.375

length- 1inch or 1.065

body diam- 3/16ths or .187

Any help is much appreciated.


Try this

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Industrial supplier McMaster-Carr has a ton of stuff, give it a try:




1 of the links …the top one… was the link to aluminum heads and steel posts blind rivets …sorry …the heading for aluminum/aluminum rivets is on that page also .

What are they for?
I found split blind rivets the spread to 3 points work better in poly than a regular rivet does they need a washer behind them.


This is EXACTLY what this particular
forum is for. Wait for some of the seme-pro boat outfitters… you’ll get some help.

Tried some of that…
Thanks for all the replies! i have already emailed Hansons and am awaiting a reply. it was their website that allowed me to figure out those specifics. i will also try the mcmaster guys. Hansons has them, but i anticipate they will be unwilling to part with less than a few thousand of them, probably costing more than i spent on the boat. still looking for anybody who may have bought in gross and willing to sell piece mill.

Thanks Looneytick, but its fiberglass. i am pretty much copying the manufacturers rivet. the aluminum angle piece that the wood slats for my seats rest on has begun to rip at the bend and needs replacing.

i intend to extend the piece as well for a sailing rig which i spoke to before in a previous post. so far, no progress on that as i have a 2 and 4 yr old, though hope still lives and my annual bonus has assured funding for the project. pretty good deal, i get to use about 1/16th of my bonus myelf, the wife commandeered the rest…



problem solved
I know yall wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight if you didn’t know that i found my rivets. whew!! Thanks Carldelo for suggesting mcmaster.com. Hanson had them, but they were $25 and $35 per 100 respectively. i got 100 of the broad heads for $9 and 50 of the other for $14 at mcmaster.



Aluminum and alloy/temper
Most aluminum pop rivets are mild - soft. Boatbuilders use a harder alloy that is tempered.

Sorry, don’t remember where BCW got theirs - that data is in the computer I left in Zimmerman a decade ago.

To compensate, I’d suggest SS through McM-Carr or Jamestown Dist.