RM Aquanaut LV

I’m looking at selling the Tempest 165 RM and change to a kayak with more volume for trips, better water tight hatches but with similar handling performance. ie. Tracks well, lean turns good, capable in rough water, rolls nicely maybe even nice cockpit outfitting.

The RM Aquanaut LV looks to have a nice balance of the T’s traits. It looks to be a quicker kayak to paddle ( 20cm longer) and has the Valley hatches which would be reliable.

Searching P.Net a poster had sprayskirt sealing issues. How does the Valley outfitting feel/suit? ie. - knee hooks, seat, backband - it appears 2007 outfitting may have changed?

This web page provided some great info, with some handy kayak spec measurements.




bruce on Pnet has one, and had the
…skirt issues. He could tell you.

Aquanaut LV
I used the Aquanaut LV during a paddling class and thought it was a stable and capable boat. That being said, I much prefer the fit/feel of the fiberglass Aquanaut LV as its much lower deck and rear deck fits me quite nicely. Much easier to grip with my thighs too.

BTW - I am 6’2" with 34" inseam and can use the Aquanaut LV in poly with the footpegs set all the way forward quite nicely.

Hope this helps.


footpegs are short on my wife’s
It’s a great boat, and the backband, seat, and thigh hooks are all very nice. However, at least on the one we got, the last position of the footpegs is still much too short for me at 5’ 11", 32" inseam. I like it so much I sometimes swap into it for a few hours anyway, but I would have to remove the footpegs and use foam against the bulkhead if I were to use it long-term.

I have a 2006 RM Aquanaut LV
I use one of the Snap Dragon skirts (I think the Glacier Breathable??) and have never had a sealing issue.

Check the reviews if you haven’t already done so. I like the boat. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

I’m 5’9" and 150 lbs. and storage capacity is not an issue for me because I use the boat for day trips.

My only issues are that the backband is uncomfortable (added a pad for lumbar support) and I did not find a comfortable position for the thigh pads so I took them out.

Other than that, I feel the boat does many things very well.

Maybe be able
to demo this kayak in the next few months. After speaking with one of the dealers yesterday, it may be possible to get one up here for a demo.

There’s been a large low pressure system sitting of the south Queensland coast for the past 8 days, generating wind and large seas (I live near Noosa - Queensland). A paddle buddy and I went out yesterday but the 8- 10 ft dumpers were coming in frequently so we stayed and had a lovely time in the soup. Back hatch imploded on my RM T - 165 while in the surf yesterday, luckily it was close to shore.

Good to have floatation bags
installed when playing in that stuff, no matter what the boat. Have you considered an RM Nordkapp? I rented one for a couple of hours paddling on a flat, meandering small creek and was impressed with how maneuverable it was, plus it has good speed.


As usual, wet, I agree with you.
RM Nordkapp, I own one, and love it. Original poster can see my review on Pnet.

Float bags
that would be a good idea. See whats availabe down under. After the hatch dislodged it was like ‘turn around every few minutes to check the hatch lid’ paranoid I guess. I’ve been building a stich and glue - yet another facet of sea kayaking - and may layup a fibre glass/epoxy cover with web straps to proof implosion for the future.

The Nordkapp sounds great, the new and only importer of Valley kayaks will have a complement of different RM Valley’s to demo, it should be a most enlightening time when that happens. I’ve read the kapp is tippy/not comfortable without enough weight. It would be nice to paddle one some day.

Nordkapp RM is more like LV
I belive it to be more of the sizing of the Nordkapp LV than the Nordkapp standard, and thus not truly required to be laden. Plus, the triple layer plastic has it coming in, without hatch covers, about 7-8 lbs heavier than the 'glass layup to begin with which helps stability. Although it is slightly less stable than my Avocet RM, there is not a dramatic difference.

I encourage you to test them, as you suggest, suncoast. I see that you are from Queensland, and surely there must be a dealer near you. I think there might be one in Poughkeepsie, NY, and if not, take a day trip to Albany.

That would be one hell of a day trip!
Queensland, Australia to Albany, NY!

Queensland, Australia to Albany, NY!

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Well, if you do make it we'll be here to greet you!!!! Though you might wait a little bit - the Hudson River is frozen right now.

My understanding is that the RM Nordkapp falls between a standard and LV in volume. As such, it should paddle better than a standard Nordkapp unladen and might be a bit less spritely/lively than a Nordlow.

The Nordkapp RM
will now have to be on my list. I would like to come over one day to paddle some of your water ways, though I’ve still got Tasmania and North Queensland to explore before heading further afield.

Hudson river freezing over! the only ice we ever get around here is when opening the ice box in the fridge.



Thawing a bit…

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It was warm yesterday and today so the river is thawing a bit. When it is really getting frozen, the Coast Guard sends up an Ice Breaker - Albany is a deep water port.

A group of friends is going out paddling on the Hudson tomorrow. If I wasn't on doctor ordered home rest, I would be joining them....

Not to serious I hope
It’s always a refreshing time out on the water and everyone should have that chance. One of our paddle group is recovering from a tumor removal from his lung. He is such a enthusiastic paddler and always out there. I heard yesterday he might be tentatively paddlin today! Kayaking may be just what he needs.

In Jan 2000 I spent a month in NewYork state and had a girlfriend there. I flew over to the U.S. and we drove up to the Adirondack mountains in the north to her family cabin to snow ski. We drove along the Hudson for a time , it was a chilly time of the year over there.

A’naut for sale in Tampa on Pnet


(FL) 2005 Valley Aquanaut RM 17’X 22" Skeg, Bruton 70p Compass Valley large oval hatches stern and bow. Day hatch. Is in good condition with the usual bottom scratches. $800 obo located in Tampa area 34609 tel # 352-796-9989 – Submitted by: mphelps3

Thanks CD1
I live in Australia but will keep an eye out locally for any advertised contenders.

I’ve been doing some looking around on the net for info on the Nordkapp RM but haven’t found to much. CD1, have you paddled your Kapp RM on a trip with a trip load. It looks like there’s enough volume for a week or two but how does she handle? Valley has paddler weight at 200lbs but (aquanaut composite spec which is the same through all the RM models on their site)

Are you still happy with the Kapp? Even though it’s at best in textured water how do you go on the flat stuff.ie tracking, speed. Also what can you say about second stability (in conditions and flatter water) My specs are 37yr old male 5’ 10"

160lbs… Phew… I think thats it.

I use the Avocet RM
for teaching rolling courses and Paddle Canada courses. I haven’t any problems with spraydeck seals or with hatches leaking.

My lesson fleet consists of Aquanaut LV/HV and Avocets…all RM…

These boats spend alot of time upside down and rolling and practicing rescues.

I also use the snapdragon glacier breeze spraydecks for lessons, and use a snapdragon oceantour reinforced for my rapier…same deal there…no spraydeck leaking or hatch leaking.


Love mine
See my review on PNet if you haven’t already.

I’m 6’1"/220 and it fits me well and had plenty of surplus space for a week-long self-supported trip to the Apostle Islands last fall. The boat also handled rough conditions very very well.

No issues here with my sprayskirt sealing (not sure how this could be more of a problem with the boat versus a problem with a skirt–my skirt has the Valley name on it and seals very tightly).

Some report that it’s not a lively boat, but to me, this is a plus when wilderness tripping in remote locations and using the craft as a photography platform like I do.

I agree with Sirius
I taught myself, with another inexperienced paddler, to roll, self-rescue, scramble, et cetera in the Avocet RM.