RM plastic repair

I have an older Mainstream Durango kayak. The seat is attached to the inside of the hull with plastic tabs and one of these is broken. The seat rotates a bit now with paddling and being the Type A person that I am I want to fix it. Any suggestions? Is there some kind of good glue or epoxy I could use? I don’t think there is enough room to put in some kind of mending plate and I am dubious about trying to screw it from outside into the boat.



G-Flex, some type of epoxy.

NRS has it.

Does the tab just control fore-and-aft
movement of one side of the seat, or does it also provide vertical support? I’m guessing from what you said about the seat rotating that the tab may have provided just fore-and-aft control. If it provides vertical support also, then even a splinted G-flex fix may not last.

You may be able to find other ways to control the seat without even using the tab. Wish I could visualize the situation.

glue in some minicell?
How about just cutting some blocks of minicell, maybe one for each side of the seat, and make them a snug fit. Then just glue them in with contact cement. I’d think that would be a more reliable fix than trying to reinforce the little plastic tabs that broke in the first place.

Good ideas -thanks
The tabs provide both vertical and rotational support. Now that I look closer at it, both froth tabs are broken off flush with the inside of the hull. I like the Minicell idea; I’ll give it a try.



your Mainstream durango

I noticed your 2009 question on your Mainstream Durango. Although I can’t answer it, I would like to know how your boat handled… did it track well, and did you use it on whitewater? A man has one for sale, and I can’t find any reviews on it (must be pretty old.)