rm Tempest 165 skeg

any folks have a problem with one of those brand new? I’m looking at one where it looks like some plastic flashing trimmed in the skeg box near the pivot is binding the skeg resulting in the customer buckling the cable because it will barely move.

Good ol’ WS, QC

New style skeg?
I played with one brand new on the shop floor a while ago and the resistance of the skeg was enough to kink the cable at the slider. I don’t know if it was due to the skeg pivot or the cable having too much friction somewhere… sorry, did not experiment further…

2012 model built last month
have they changed the design? There was a '10 in rentals that didn’t have any problem.

2010 late and after, i think…
Probably the same for 2012. I’m sure others will chime as my experience was very limited to that one in the store, a 2011 Tempest 165 rm. After a few attempts, i was able to operate the skeg without full out kinks but it felt it would kink again any moment. If it losens-up with use it will be ol, but if it gets harder, it will kink more…

I’m afraid this one is toast
some flashing or something in the box is providing some resistance and the 24hr owner kinked the cable. Even if what’s binding at the box is fixed the cable is predisposed to go again. Little things bug me, like the wandering marks of a drill/driver across the foredeck where the assembler let the drill/driver wander across the deck while spinning unattended. It’s not something you notice right off but once you recognize it it’s obvious that the drill wandered around the deck for a few seconds without a hand holding it leaving a squiggly 18" mark that doubled back on itself a couple times.

My new Zephyr
kinked the first time I had it out. But I’m quite sure it was jammed by some gravel. I have not had time to fix it yet (needs new cable) but I have moved the skeg through the full range of motion and it seem perfectly fine. Won’t know for sure until spring.

The new skeg slider design sucks
But other than that it is great.

What I discovered is that, in transport, the skeg gets pushed flush with the hull. If you retract the skeg via the slider, however, it remains out a little bit, or ‘proud’, as it has been described. So if the skeg is pushed in all the way, the cable gets a little bunched up inside the housing, and it’s really hard to extend it from the slider alone.

What I have begun to do is launch stern first, verify I can deploy it after launch. If I can’t I ask a fellow paddler to pull down a bit on the cord I attached to the skeg, for this purpose.

I, too, kinked the cable a bit the very first time I tried to extend it, but once I started to assure it was out a wee tad upon launching, I have no issues with it.

I didn’t have any flashing protrusions or other problems identified by the OP, so my approach may be of no use to your customer.

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the purpose of a highly rockered boat like the Zephyr if you have to paddle with the skeg proud of the hull. I expect that with a little experience I'll get used to this skeg and it will be fine. You just have to take little care to keep it clear at put in.

not really
I don’t think that 1/4" protrusion makes all that much difference, except when it’s not there and I try and extend the skeg with the slider. Well, I’m not sensitive enough to notice a difference, that’s for sure.

problem solved
Confluence rep to the rescue. Apparently the skegs are put in a hot boat and pressed into position. Apparently this one was hot enough that the edge of the skeg touched the hot plastic hull and got stuck. If it was broken free it wouldn’t have jammed but all it takes is one push against a jammed skeg and it’s kink time.

What I don’t get is why they don’t make the cable go into a solid slider control so it can’t kink where it’s not in a housing.

So heads up, if you get a new boat move the skeg a little by hand a few times before pushing the slider. Of course if you push the skeg too much it might jam. Either way, be careful before sliding.

Oh, and the last thing you ever want to do is have to replace the skeg, that one looks like a doozy.

I can’t believe that is not a QC check at the factory. I have two WS boats on order right now, glad they don’t have skegs.

I agree
"What I don’t get is why they don’t make the cable go into a solid slider control so it can’t kink where it’s not in a housing"

My question as well.