Roach Ponds

Planning a trip to Maine in the fall with friends. Would like to do 3rd and 4th Roach Ponds but having trouble finding good info. Has anyone been who can give some good directions to a put in? Camp sites? etc. etc.

try NE paddlers website- forum
Roach ponds are off the beaten path a bit, thus a worthy destination. Intel may be a bit scarce.

De Lorme Gazeteer of Maine
lists put ins and campsites.

But mine is at home where I am not. I do know you can launch from Second Roach.

For on the scene intel Northern Pride Lodge (First Roach Pond may be able to help you)

One of several roads into campsite…

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at the far east end of 3rd Roach would be to:
(above Kokadjo)>(immediate right..along the north shore of 1st Roach, just as paved road ends)NorthShore Rd(becomes Medaw Island Rd), traversing south shore of 2nd Roach for ~7mi, winding around 3rd Roach to the left till reaching the campsite. Think this is the easiest route. I'll be in on that road in a couple of weeks, will definitely check out the road conditions, but shouldn't be rough(HA...famous last words)...but don't neglect picking up the DeLorme state Atlas(Guide)...invaluable.
*I WILL get in on the road sometime in early Sept.
Ditto kayamedic...Northern Pride Camp will know day-to-day status.

Great spot but it has been so long
I cannot remember details. You can’t go too far wrong with the current Maine Gazeteer.