Road Trip to The Yukon

Took an easy road trip with June to Dawson City. Got in a couple short paddles, one down The Klondike to The Yukon and the next day fought the current upstream on The Yukon. I’m thinking a Whitehorse to Dawson is in the cards.


Stopped off at The South Fork Forty Mile River for a short upstream workout and pleasant paddle back.


Goiod idea. The Yukon is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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Have you ever read Call of the Wild or White Fang to Paris? My third grade teacher loved Jack London’s tales about the Yukon and read them to us, I used to dream of paddling there.

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Good thing she didn’t read Robert Service to you .

The Cremation of Sam Mcgee and other light hearted poems.

I’ve got five Yukon River race trips under my belt. Three Whitehorse to Dawson, two Whitehorse to the Dalton Highway Bridge. Loved every hard paddled mile of it. So much adventure and so much to see at every stroke, with route planning, navigation, and race strategy.

“but a promise made is a debt unpaid” … I don’t remember when but in some point in my education I had to memorize that and recite it in front of a class.

:kissing_heart: Paris

Love Chicken…great place
Highly recommend the route, I’ve done Whitehorse to the Pipeline Bridge above Fairbanks, it’s wild


There is an ancient deposit of pure white volcanic ash exposed on the riverbank at a major river bend not far below Five Fingers that is called “Sam’s Ashes”. The highway at that point is just above it.