Roaring River, MO

Hey all-

Has anyone paddled Roaring River, MO? I’ve fished for trout there, great stream. But now i want to paddle it as it flows into Table Rock. Can’t find anything on the net, anywhere.



Roaring River
There is a small thing about it on the American Whitewater site with a sorta link to another reference (book I assume).

Bill H.

Me too
I’ve been thinking about making that run myself. I have fished many parts of that river and from what I’ve seen the river is strewn with lots of rocks and boulders. During normal water levels I suspect you would end up dragging your boat quite often. If you do it post a report of what you find.

At the gauge, that river has only a
36 square mile watershed, but it is mostly srping fed, so it is hard to know how often it is runnable. Right now it is only about 40 cfs, which is too little. It appears to have a modest gradient, though it drops better opposite the old quarry site. I think you will have to get there pretty soon after a hard rain to get at least 250 cfs. That’s my minimum for a decent run.

Go to the USGS real time gauge site, and on the info pull-down, click on “site map.” This will allow you to alternate between topo, terrain, and satellite images. Their selection is actually a bit better than AW. The satellite images are good enough to see a few ledges, and a bunch of sand or gravel bars, but not large rocks.