Rob Roy 12 or pack canoe?

I usually paddle a Current Designs Caribou but Iam considering a small, lightweight craft that I would use in creeks, small rivers and other protected waters. My local paddle shop has a new-old-stock Bell Rob Roy 12 at a good price. I haven’t paddled this boat but I think it might be a bit too wide to paddle with a 220cm paddle [my longest]. I know that there are other very light open canoes but I have no experience with these. I would appreciate feedback on the RR12 and any other small, doble-paddle canoes. Thanks, John

pack canoe/solo canoe
I like the pack canoe idea, but haven’t liked the ones I’ve tried so far. I’m used to a kayak with a low deck and a high-angle stroke, so reaching to clear the gunwales in a sit-on-the-bottom pack canoe didn’t feel right. I’ve been more comfortable using a double-blade paddle in a solo canoe with a conventional seat.

I was suprised to find that I could comfortably use a 220 in this canoe:

You never know what’ll work until you try it for yourself.

No problem with double and Robroy
That is the old Robroy

Bell Magic vs RR
I paddle a 16’ Bell Magic tripper in rivers, lakes and protected waters. It is narrow enough for a 220cm paddle. I found it to be more flexible than a kayak. Especially giving me room for my Labrador. It is fast and tracks well. I paddle a QCC600 sea kayak on open water trips.

I paddle
a Vermont Tupper with a 215 with no problems

I’m 5’10" w/ 33" arms. I, too, use a 215cm in my Tupper. I can also paddle the Placid Spitfire with a 215. Probably wouldn’t use anything longer than a 220cm on the RobRoy. I do prefer more upright/vertical stroke.