Rob Roy

I joined this website to get a little advice from some of you experienced paddlers. I’ll keep it breif. I just recently purchased a Bell Rob Roy canoe. Mostly I was hoping some of you could address the paddle selection… traditional vs. kayak.


Canoe paddle
I use a 48" bent shaft canoe paddle. I’m much more comfortable with it than a kayak paddle. I have more control over the boat as well…more finesse. You might want to consider changing the seat of the Rob Roy. I purchased mine used, and the previous owner had installed a tractor-style seat on top of the foam seat pad, which elevated the seat somewhat, which probably made it more comfortable. In the meantime, after the seat came loose, I replaced it entirely with a seat and seat-back combo that’s a few inches off the bottom of the boat. More comfortable for my legs, too. Use whatever paddle you’re most comfortable with. I take my kayak paddle as a spare, and will use it if the conditions get very windy or choppy, but I hate switching from my ZRE.

River Goddess

Rob Roy paddle
I use a double blade paddle with mine. Usually it is a Aluit style wood paddle. Single blades are preferred by some Bell Rob Roy paddlers. Try both and use whatever you like more. If you choose single blade, make a higher seat