Robotic pungos and pamlicos

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MIT are using Pungo 100s, pungo 120s, pungo 140s, pungo Classics, pamlico 100s, pamlico 120s, and Pamlico 140s and making them into robotic Marine Rescue vehicles. Most of their fleet are pungo 100s, but I saw a pamlico 120 in a picture. I saw this in Canoe&kayak, and I came online to do reaserch. I just Freaked out when I think that Pamlico 140s will be used. I think almost all Entry Toruing kayaks from WS are going to be in the fleet. These touring kayaks will be outfitted with computers costing up to 10,000 dollars. These kayaks are remote controlled from land, and can sense oil spells in the water, and are made to go into dangerous locations like hurricane areas and stuff.

Read about it here:

Oil spills?

Read about it where?


Thanks for the clarification…

Read where?

I thought
you hated Canoe/Kayak now, after you were missing a few issues.

Target Practice Drones…

A link

I would have tinyurled it, but I’ve read that some of you don’t like those, at least in the winter ;-).

This looks like it may be along the lines of what Pamlico was referring to.

Paul S.

Yes…and no…
Yes, this does look like what P_140 was referencing, but no, it’s not, as P_140 stated, to be used as a “marine rescue vehicle”, nor is it meant to operate in anything more lively than Sea State 3 conditions (no “hurricanes and stuff” duty). It is also not for detecting oil spills (or even oil “spells”, for that matter!). :slight_smile:

It is really just a data relay station for relaying data in real time from an underwater ocean survey vessel below it. I’m quite sure that in “hurricanes and stuff” conditions, it would be rendered quite useless (just as many larger and even more seaworthy vessels might be…only sooner). :slight_smile:

So far, it hasn’t been tested in real Sea State 3 conditions, so they tried to simulate it on the Charles River with a small boat wake (not a very convincing simulation, methinks). Since Sea State 3 is still relatively mild though, this boat (Pungo 120) seems to have been chosen mostly for its initial stability and its large, easy access cockpit for the data relay equipment.


Geez, you’re so knit picky!

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I'm kidding. I'm kidding.

You're right, Melissa.

But hey, with a little continuous improvement, and maybe if applied to a Tempest, and if the Tempest doesn't sink from all the leaks, who knows?

All right, I gotta stop this. Good night all.

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Varying opinions are always OK. Every now and then, razzing a 14yr old kid (who is passionate about his yak) can be fun if it doesn’t get out too far of hand.

What isn’t OK is the use of profanty used in the above threads by our Northern California and Vancouver posters. A little light “off-color” humor now and then is OK but the crude language used was totally unnecessary and can do nothing but ruin a good site such a P-Net.

I have no idea whether or not you are trolls trying to mess up a good site or if you just have little or no class. One thing is for sure…an apology for your crude behavior is in order to young Mr. P-140 and to every other user of this site.

Kudos to MTI
for using something that is cheap and readily available.

They are making their research budget go further.

For that they should be commended :wink:

Look ma, no profanity.

:::shields up:::

great stuff
man those confluence guys are getting a working over.

So where do I get one? I can think of some powerboaters I would like to “introduce” it to…

Ah crap. Even kayakers will be replaced
by robotics! I think we need to form a union and put a stop to it.

I’m with you on that one! :slight_smile:
I certainly wouldn’t mind floating around on the sea, listening on my hydrophone to the survey vessel below, then relaying what I’ve heard back to the research ship over a megaphone. :slight_smile:

Hmmm…but would they let me paddle something other than a pungo 120? :wink:


We have a new net nanny?
Its about damn time. The last half dozen were doing a crappy job.

For the record.

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That was a cheap shot I took above. It was intended as humor of course, though I forgot to include a ;-).

I don't feel my boat would actually sink. But then, I do keep a sponge on board...mostly to keep the water out of the cockpit that seeps down through the spray skirt tunnel. Dang those defective spray skirts! Maybe a bead of 5200 to seal it around my belly. (glad when I get my drysuit with an overskirt)

Paul S.

Nice to see or hear from you pamlico140
I thought you were gone.

An interesting article you have found.

You don’t seem like a “cheap shot” guy. And hey if it gets the WS ears burning then that is a good thing.

Personally my belly does almost too good a job of sealing up my spray skirt…