robroy type canoe / kayak

Does anyone but bell manufacture a robroy type canoe /kayak ?

Kruger canoes
Try this site

Do remember they are their own thing, neither fish nor fowl for some but unique for others. I found the lack of bulkhead, soft deck and windage a problem for me in the Rob Roy and sold it. To each their own.

Clipper makes
a decked canoe. I belive it is called a decked canoe or a sea clipper…

Check out the post on the other board about decked canoes on the Susq. We are reviewing 4 decked boats for paddler including the Sea-1.

Theya are rarer than hens teeth, but a lovely fast boat.

Chesapeake Light Craft
Perhaps this is more kayak than canoe:

never paddled one, but the specs don’t look that great. it has a flat bottom, and wouldn’t perform very well in rougher water.

CLC Millcreeks
The Millcreeks are not similar to the Kruger and Bell Rob Roy canoes. They are wider, slower, more stable on flat water, less safe in rough water. They are better craft for fishing and taking photos, going out with the dog, not as good for covering distance.


your rob roy
do you have photos of the blackgold rob roy? I’d love to see them :slight_smile:

decked canoe
Easy Rider also makes a tandem decked canoe, though I’m not sure how similar it is to the others mentioned, aside from being a tandem. Isn’t the (or one of the) difference between a decked canoe and a kayak where the seat is positioned ? kayak sits “on the floor”, and canoe on a somewhat higher seat, or kneeling, and a decked canoe is designed to be paddled primarily single blade vs a kayak designed to be paddled primarily with double blade ? even though you can do both with either.

decked canoes
there are a few differences. one is the hull. canoe hulls tend to be fuller, especially near the bow and stern. the seats are typically higher by several inches. the paddle is usually a single-blade.

Black Gold Rob Roy
Hi Chad19- Misted your request for pictures. I will try to take and post a picture- have never done so- it will be a challange.

The Black Gold Rob Roy is a special order as they don’t list this lay-up. Since they use this lay-up on other canoes and have the mold, I guessed they would be willing to make one as a special order for a increased price. They were and the increase was around $400 not a thousand as is the case with many kayaks. I also ordered the wood not oiled and instead used Sikkens Cetol Marine finish. This semi transparent finish has a orange tone that looks great with the black hull. May not look as good in other applications. Have just read about a less orange tone version caled “Ceptol Lite” I have not tried it yet.


black roy
i bet it looks cool as hell.

Love mine
It’s a Harry Bryan built “fiddlehead” Rob Roy, based loosely on Rushton’s Wee Lassie. Here’s a pic of my son sailing it on Halifax Harbour:

look a lot more like a Rob Roy than many of the north american “canoe” type hulls and “kayak” type hulls borrowing that name today. Sweet looking boats those Millcreeks. From the specs these would be great sailing canoes as the original Rob Roy was. Floatation and gear and you would be off on another 1,000 miler!

Have you considered building?

the mill creek boats aren’t anything like a bell rob roy or any of the other high-end decked canoes. i wouldn’t take a mill creek into any type of open water in anything but glassy conditions. the hull is just not designed for waves.

Your repeating yourself Chad. No need.
You already posted your opinion. Thanks. We will just have to agree to disagree.

Don’t let flat bottoms be your gauge as it seems to be in your post. Flat bottom pirogues, dingies, sharpies, dorys etc. have been plying heavy seas and coastal waters for centuries. A Millcreek 15 on her chine (sailing on any sort of a tack) would be a very nice ride from what I can tell from the pics and specs.

Here is a link to a neat pic of John MacGregors Rob Roy:

Looks very much like the Millcreeks in cockpit size. I think the Millcreek 15 rigged correctly would be a great sailer and paddler if a bit heavy (like a Kruger in weight).