Roby Roy 15 Gunwale Replacement

I have a Bell Rob Roy 15 in Kevlar that needs new gunwales. I am looking for aluminum round profile gunwales. I would prefer a one piece but a two piece would work as well. What I’m looking for is a manufacturer who’d ship them with a shipment of canoes to cut down on costs. If anyone has any idea where I could get these I’d be happy to hear from.

Rob Roy
This may be a bit outside of what you had in mind but … Northwest Canoes in St Paul will send wooden gunwales in UPS lengths. They’re designed to be spliced on the canoe but probably are long enough in each piece for the RR15. That will save a lot of hassle in the shipping dept. Northstar (formerly Bell) canoes can supply the deck piece. Just a thought.


Rob Roy 15 too

Rob Roy gunwales
While poking around in the shed I found a 17’ length of aluminum gunwale that I forgot I had. It’s from a Wenonah but could be trimmed to fit your Rob Roy. On the off chance that you live near Chicago I’d offer it to you free of charge if you want to come get it.


steve look at dougs profile NM