Rochester, NY-area Kayak rental needed

Can anyone in the Rochester, New York area recommend a place where kayaks can be rented? I’m trying to avoid the (gas) expense of hauling two kayaks from Boston to Rochester for what will probably amount to a single day of paddling. I don’t think an on-lake rental facility would allow us to transport the boats to a different body of water than the one on which the facility is located. We would need to rent two boats and transport them to one of several area lakes. I’ll bring all our roof racks/carriers. Any help, suggestions would be appreciated.



bay creek
They sponsored

And I bought a boat from them. I like bay creek paddle center

re: Rochester rental needed
Both Bay Creek and Oak Orchard are good places to rent from. Oak Orchard has an Irondequoit and a Waterport store. Check or hope this helps.

Oak Orchard seems best for our needs
Thanks for the quick replies – I think Oak Orchard is better suited to what we want to do. I think we’ll give them first try. Many thanks!

I think EMS still rents kayaks
I’m not sure if they still have a rental fleet, but you can give them a try.

Eastern Mountain Sports:

rentals/ rochester

Kayak Rentals
Here’s a few more:

Bayside Paddle Sports

Genesee Waterways Center

Bay Creek Paddle Shop
and Oak Orchard Canoe and Kayak in Waterport.