Rochester Open Water Challenge

June 27, 2009 - Rochester Open Water Challenge

BY Dan Murn

Rochester Open Water Challenge

Rochester, NY,

The Bay Creek Paddling Center is hosting the 2nd Rochester Open Water Challenge on June 27, 2009, in Rochester, NY. The race will be at Sea Breeze Park, a wonderfully appointed park with rest rooms, great local restaurants, beaches and a theme park for the family. We are proud to be one of the Mayor’s Cup Tune Up Races.

Wind and weather conditions can quickly change. Its location offers multiple launch points, both on the lake and the bay, allowing course adjustments for any forecast. When the weather is too extreme to be on the lake, we have a contingency plan to paddle on the bay. To add to the excellent racing, we will have food, music and COLD beer, plus many regular beverages for before and after the race. This is a racers’ and fitness-oriented event. We will have a shorter race of approximately 3 miles for novice and intermediate paddlers to supplement the 10 mile out and back main race event. Last year in its inception, the race was super competitive and exciting for spectators and participants alike.

Everyone who attends is important to us. There will be prizes and drawings in addition to the fine racing and festive atmosphere, so come enjoy our event and get a taste of Rochester!


Dan (Murn)

Rochester Open Water Challenge Race and Course Update

On a cool 60 degrees day (water 46F) Jim Mallory and I launched from the race site’s Sea Breeze beach into small 1 foot waves. A solid 15-20 west wind was in our face. As we left the beach the waves grew to about 3’ curling in from the right at about a 20 degrees angle with nice bouncy rollers. As we passed Durand beach they started to smooth out all the way to the Charlotte pier. Meanwhile the practice for the air show was going on so we got a great taste of fast flying planes.

In the lee of the 600 meter pier, the waves smoothed out nicely. As we turned downwind it got crazy with waves from every direction.Water boiling every where. After about 600 meters or so it changed again with the waves and, yes, swells on Lake Ontario. Perfect surfing all the way back. Linking waves together, we had many runs over 10.5 mph. Back at Sea Breeze, my gps read 8 miles. If winds favor this course for the ROWC, then the length will be about 9+ miles, including the hot spot segment of the course. This will afford a solid race length and great conditions.

Lake Ontario’s winds are almost always westerly. We have so many options to run the ROWC here in any winds.

We extend an invitation all of you people who like clean deep water and a great party - lots of prizes food , beer and beverages. Please come to our race on June 27. We even have lodging for those early birds who enter early.

Cheers, Dan


rochester water
are you paddling i the genesee river or actually water that from nature…wonder how amany drunken paddlers will be from the splashing in the genesee river…have beer when doen paddloing

in the lake
no in the lake

Had my shirt on last night…on the Speedstroke-nasty weather.

Hey buddy, going to try to drum up some compadres to make the drive up-will do my best. Would be great to see you again-likely from a rear view perspective. :wink:



I did this event last year. It was my first race. I raced my Impex Cat 5, used a wing paddle, and had a fun time. It would be great to see more sea kayaks in it this year, as it was a little demoralizing to be left in the wake of so many surfskis, and i was really on my own for most of the race. So more sea kayakers would make for a more competitive and interesting event. But i did get a nice pint glass for winning my age group!

Woot, good chance I’ll be there
I was planning on flying up to ROC on the 27th to train k2 with Jason for the week leading up to the Lake Placid flatwater regatta. I’m going to try to fly up on the 26th so Jason and I can do the race on Saturday to kick off our training week. As long as I can swing an extra day off work and find a flight I’ll be there. Now all I need is a boat :smiley: .