Rock and Roll Fantasy

I am planning to build a short fat canoe this summer.

Need some help!

The length will be 13 feet, since any longer will require registration. If I registered all my canoes it would break me, so I like to stay short and under their financial radar. There are also large fines for not being able to show registration papers.

How about 40 inches wide with a slightly rounded bottom? Also about an inch of rocker.

I want stability but want fairly easy movement as well.

Have any of you used such a canoe before?

This would be my summer project to build.

Boat builders

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Wooden boat building forum may offer tips, advice, etc.

Short and wide = little glide, lots of paddling

I was hoping that by rounding the bottom a little I could make up for some of what I would lose by extra width.

Adirondack guide boat?
Boat designer Brian Schulz of Cape Falcon Kayaks built a 13’ skin on frame Adirondack Guide Boat that might be worth looking at for dimensions and hull design. He has an extensive photo log of the build on his blog site:

Hey thanks willowleaf!

That is about the shape I want to make.

that’s a beautiful boat

Brian can be a good resource
…when he has time to do so (and he seems to be one of those folks who always has a million things going on) I have learned he will respond to personal emails with questions on boat building. His blog has tons of resources and links to the wooden and skin-on-frame boat communities.

Plus I think he’s a good writer and photographer. Reading his blog always cheers me up. Near the top of my bucket list when I retire (this year, if all works out) is to go out to Oregon and do one of his kayak building classes.

All his boats are cool (I have one of the SOF Sisimuit replicas he mentions) but those Adirondack Guide Boats are just spectacular. Look at the weights! And the smiles on the faces of the people rowing them.

30# for a guide boat is pretty good!
Thanks for the reference. His kayaks are nice, I like the multisport racer.

The writeups are great, but the photography in the guideboat writeup is really well done.