rock gardening bigger boats

Hey, does anybody do any rock gardens in bigger

boats greenlanders,aquanauts,explorers. I know

more manverable boats are a better choice like

pintails, AA’s, romanys. Was just wondering if

bigger, straighter running boats if worked/

edged enough are doable in this area.

I have seen people
negotiate rock gardens in assorted kayaks as long as 18’ or 19’ in downriver races and even some big 6 man racing canoes, so it is pretty much doable in a long boat, provided you have the room to maneuver or scout a good line in advance. A half cocked rule of thumb would be that if it can be negotiated by a tandem canoe, you probably have enough room make it in a touring or sea kayak. The replacement cost of said kayak, however would weigh heavily in the decision.

Use What You Have…

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If it's a longer boat, yeah, use it. If you play enough with it, you'll should know the maneuverability of it and not put it (and you) in tight quarters where you may get you set up for a big pounding.

Conversely, one of the shorter/maneuverable boats may excel at play but doesn't do point A to B as well or efficiently. But if that's the boat you have, then you make it work for you though slower than a longer less rockered one.

You pick the first boat to deal with what appeals to you the most. If money is not an issue, than you get a boat for the other things that appeal to you to a lesser degree but allows you to cover a range of play and conditions.