Figure I bring this boat back up.

Someone in RI has ordered two. Said it was 1,200 a piece. He wasn’t clear on shipping yet.

Here’s some discussion and comparison of the boat with long boats and ww boats. Very interesting.

I would love to demo one.


just buy one already!
you know you’re going to end up with a rockhopper. why fight it?

I Might But…
I would have to sell my Montauk. Not sure if I am ready to take that jump yet, even though I have only gone out in a touring boat a hand full of times in the past year. I surf kayak most, followed by white water. I like the guy’s review. “Rockhopping” sounds exciting and is probably something I would enjoy more than just paddling around.

But, but… Letting go of a boat is hard to do. :slight_smile:


RockHopping AKA "Inshore"
Rockhopping sounds, and looks, a lot like what we call “Inshore” out here.

Tsunami Ranger Stuff…
I could do without their titles though… I can’t imagine addressing someone I am rockhopping with as “Commodore…” Jeeeze…


can your other boats trip?
For the couple of times a year you may go camping for a few days, can you fit all your gear in the Mystic or the stich and glue kayak? If so, selling the Montauk for the Rockhopper is a no brainer.

Personally, although I love each one of my kayaks, I have no problem selling any of them for the right price and if I had a replacement in mind that I would enjoy even more. I thought after buying my last kayak that I would stop for a while, but my mind is already wandering in regards to other kayaks to add to my fleet. :slight_smile:

I Understand That Is For Formal Only
Like once a year they have a formal dinner with black tie, and give awards.

I have other reasons for not wanting to paddle with them…Like self preservation!

I would like to do the Sea Gpsy Race someday…

That type of boating, on a mild basis, is my idea of fun. Like landing on those remote beaches and having them to myself.

Sea Gypsy
I think I read earlier this year in the local paper that this years race, was the 20th, and the last to be held. The article quoted one of the founders as stating that he and his companions were just getting too old for it anymore.

I was just getting into kayaking and I knew nothing about the group or the race, until I read the article. It was in the San Jose Mercury News the day before the race was to be held, if you were wanting to search for it.

May Be The Last
I understand that one of the founders of the Rangers is having health problems.

It have be sponsored in the future by the Miramar Beach Kayak Club.

Time marches on. The last time I was at a Hell’s Angels party, they had hired security guards…

The S&G

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can be loaded for a weekend or several days more. Problem is that my wife likes to paddle the Montauk more than the S&G.

I should probably just not think about the Rockhopper. Afterall, the Mystic RM serves a similar purpose though not as "purpose driven" in design. Also, got a couple of surf crafts I need to practice on already. I just ripped up the footwells in the recently acquired ski. I gonna modify it to fit me better. Of couse, now it has zilch resale value since rarely anyone as small as me.

What I would like to see with the Rockhopper is that it gets a US importer so the boat can be available here in the future.