Rockpol Taran?

-- Last Updated: Jul-16-11 1:19 PM EST --

Has anyone here paddled the Rockpool Taran kayak? Most of what I find online is from the same couple of individuals and the one Ocean Paddler Magazine review - all these read like commercials for Rockpool...

Here she is:

Just curious if someone has actually compared that to say Epic 18x for instance... The concept of such a kayak is appealing to me plus this one seems to have enough leg and foot room for me (in a fast and efficient hull for open/rough water)...

I know there are a few other "adventure racing" fast kayaks out there that might be alternatives, but this one may actually be available in the US...

I haven’t but…
…I’d sure like to try one. You think that RockPool might introduce this model in the US?

I’m currently in an Alaw Bach TCC and wouldn’t be surprised if it was the only one in Ohio.

BTW, really like the Alaw.

The US
I guess I made a wrong and uninformed assumption that since other models are available that the Taran might be too… It is not listed on the USA site…

As far as I know…
…only the Eddyline built Alaw Bach TCC (what a name) is here in the states. I sure like mine but it’s much more of a conventional kayak and there are so many great boats of its ilk available.

But the Taran looks pretty radical. Too bad we are unlikely to ever get to try one. But you could take a trip to the UK :slight_smile:

Nice boat!
I’d love to try one sometime, maybe even get one!

Rockpool Taran
We just received two Rockpool Tarans here in Washington State.One as a demo and one for stock. It is really a sweet boat. Every one that has had an opportunity to paddle it is raving about. We are planning a West Coast Demo trip as soon as possible. Anyone interested in demoing on the West coast should contact me asap.