Rockpool Alaw Bach TCC Owners

I’m hoping a few people still own these boats and are still on the forum since they aren’t made anymore. What do you all use for a skirt? I was wanting a full neoprene for playing in the waves. Where I am I do not have access to try skirts for proper fit and need to order online.

I have a Seals 1.7 cockpit cover that seems to fit decently. Following suit I ordered a Seals Shocker skirt in the same size and ended up too large.

Call Seals
Since your boat isn’t listed in their fit list, call them. Helpful folks and great skirts. I have a Pro Shocker for my Valley boats & love it.

Hi RockPool Person
I just call Kayak Academy and tell them to send me the same thing they sent me before. It’s a snap dragon and it looks like there’s a little “t” letter on the underside of the skirt up front near the rand.

Anyhow, the KA used to sell the Alaw and they know what size to send.

I love the way the Alaw handles and have beaten the crap out of mine. The polycarbonate has held up nicely. Great for rough water stuff. Only wish it had an oval rear hatch.

I didn’t know the Rockpool TCC
was no longer in production. Anyone know when that happened?

If I recall…
…I used a seals 1.4 for a really tight fit…damn wish I still had that boat…best surfing sea kayak I ever owned.

My guess
Most kayaks are small volume production runs with, I’d guess, low margins. With the Eddyline RP, there is an extra mouth to feed… Eddyline builds them and gets paid, RP takes a cut, and then the dealer.

I know the place where I bought mine was not too happy with his slice of the pie. That said, if I do manage to break mine, I would try pretty hard to get another one in FG from the UK as I like it so much. Only thing that I find difficult is standing up on the seat when I attempt mock paddle boarding. Works much better when I’m seated:)


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Thanks everyone. I have a few options now. I was using a buddoes Bomber gear Kbomb and was looking to order one of those, but wanted more options.

Im pretty new to kayaking, not quite a year in yet. Out of the few boats I've been in I absolutely love my Alaw Bach. Its great for cruising and surfing.