Rockpool Taran

no plans at present
to make the Taran in Thermoform. I would love to get out to the midwest, SE and East coast but probably not until spring at the earliest. We have alot of interest here on the west Coast so that will keep me busy this winter.


Will you be coming up to Vancouver, BC with the Taran?

thank you-still looks like a great boat

You have any dealers in California?
Specifically, the Greater SF Bay Area?

Alaw Bach TCC
Glad you like the boat. We are pleased with it as well.


We will have the Taran as well as the other Composite models here in Bellingham,WA. If you can get down here you can try them all.


SF Dealers
We have a dealer in Lodi, Ca for the Alaw Bach TCC. The Composite Rockpool Boats including the Taran, are currently not being sold to dealers. This is due to the custom build options and color schemes available and the small production capacity of the Rockpool Factory. Each Composite boat is built on order exactly as the customer wants it. The TCC’s however have limited color and options available and can be stocked by dealers.We are currently taking orders and deposits for the next container coming this way.



Just to clear up a misconception. Rockpool Kayaks were designed by Rockpool; a colaboration of the two Rockpool Partners; Mike Webb and Aled Williams. Aled then moved on with Tiderace. Both fine designs; but when paddling side by the differ distinctly.More info on the website

Ah. So…
…if you don’t catch the Taran or most of the other Rockpool boats at some sort of demo special-event, you’re kind of ordering ‘blind’, i.e. w/out having paddled one.

Are you planning to demo anything in the SF or Northern California area in the coming months? If so, do you have the where and when yet?


is pretty close. Maybe I’ll take you up on the offer and make a day trip there.

demos Rockpool
As soon as I get the Taran over here I will plan a West Coast Trip.


Appreciate the info. Thanks again, falcon.

Bottom end, no frills … What is the price for a Taran? And how much is shipping to Albany, NY?


Taran cost of Taran in Standard lay up is $3995 plus domestic shipping. Domestic shipping is $200 to the East Coast, $150 to the midwest and $100 to the West Coast.

Thank you Falcon
much appreciated.

East Coast Taran guy? It would be me…
Falcon - communication with Mike W has been spotty - but am looking forward to getting the Taran to Connecticut ASAP before the snow/ice arrives.

I also have a Rapier 20 in my barn that fills out my “fast boats” quiver, so “Kocho”, when you going to come up and paddle? I had the Rapier 18 and wasn’t impressed by the speed or handling, but the R20 is a whole different animal. (er, beast…)

As to the statement made regarding the speed of the 18X vs the Taran…dude, bring it on. :wink: The Epic 18X was on my short list - but chose the Taran to get Rockpool’s quality over the Chinese factory products. But in reality, it ain’t the boat that determines “faster” when two boats are closely matched - its the motor. I have paddled a ski as Kocho does and yes, they are w-a-y faster so take Mark Sundin’s video jab as one pointed towards the “paddler of the ski”, not the ski itself.

So if any of you make a trip up to the wilds of CT in the next few months, drop me a line…


Good to know!
Good luck with the Taran! Looks like a nicely thought-out boat for the most part… Not sure if I’ll be coming up to CT any time soon, but if it freezes over when you get it and itch to try it, seek the warmer waters of the DC area -:wink:

Did you just buy a Taran Scott ?

Rockpool Taran
Wow, glad this thread stirred up so much interest! P.S. - I have no ties to Rockpool.

If you liked that first video link…
,…then try these. I watch them often…(probably too much!!) They are of Mark Sundin in AU (Sydney), include some nice rough water and MULTIPLE Taran kayaks. (that red/white stripe one looks cool)

You will note that surfski-like dry bow in those big swells…