Rockpool Taran

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I just stumbled across this video of the Rockpool Taran in action and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed.

As someone who just purchased an
Epic 18x, I find this boat very interesting too, but it is likely too narrow for a paddler my size. I like that it has much of the sea kayak function in the speed oriented performance. When I watched the video it made a little quip about “where did the surf ski go?”. Let’s be honest here okay, a surf ski would obliterate this Taran in any conditions when paddled by the same high level paddler. They kind of turned me off by including this in their video. I doubt the Taran would keep pace with an Epic 18x let alone a V12. As a fast touring sea kayak, I think this is one VERY neat boat and I would love to see one, unfortunately Rockpool does not have a dealer for many many miles around here and I have only seen one Rockpool in the last two years and it was the TCC Alaw Bach. Too bad really, I like their boats. Bill

good points
Eventually the boat should make it to the racing circuit, the best measuring stick for performance.

TideRace boats resemble Rockpool to a degree :wink:

I’d love to check one out but…
…not in grape!.. What a color. Can’t imagine what it would be like to look at that deck all day long.

Too bad there isn’t a chance of checking one out in the US.

FWIW, I have a RockPool Alaw Bach TCC and it’s been great. I’ve taken it out on small craft advisory days on Lake Erie and had fun in waves that were well above my head. Plus, since it’s a thermoformed water toy, I never sweat dinging it up.

I want one!!

It looks similar to the Point 65 XP18.

I wonder how they compare

Valley Rapier…
Valley has had success in selling far more Rapiers than one might expect to the point of have a poly version as well as the 2 composite:

Go fast boats seem popular…

The Poly Rapier does not exist
as far as I know. Has been on their web site for years, but I think it never hit production.

I owned the Rapier 18 for about 2 years. It is very good at flat water and in large smooth waves. Will probably beat the Taran handily in terms of speed. However, it lacks stability in lumpy conditions (e.g., I find the Epic V10 Sport that I paddle now more reassuring yet faster). Second issue - the bow on the Rapier does not have good volume for steep waves - goes under way too easy and what’s more problematic, is that it slows down a lot as it does that: some other boats shed water at the bow better and even when they submarine they do not lose as much momentum. The Rapier 18 is also very rudder dependent.

Both boats will suffer in stepp short waves due to the overstern rudder (understern makes a huge difference and even the new Epics’ rudder I think will be more effective there but I have not paddled it in such conditions).

Rockpool Taran
It’s hoped a Taran could be heading to the States soon…

For reference:

The Taran currently holds the solo records for:

Anglesey to IOM Crossing (47 miles open crossing - 8:21)

S.Ireland to W.Wales Crossing (56 miles open crossing - 9:57)

Scotland to N.Ireland (21 miles open - 3:26)

Circumnavigations of:

Anglesey (73 miles - 9:54)

Isle of Man (72 miles - 12:38)

Isle of Mull (91 miles - 19:34)

All solo, all unsupported.

(More details on the Performance Sea Kayak site.)

Plus class wins of the Oban Sea kayak race, Eddystone Challenge, Anglesey Sea Kayak Race and a few others. And shhh, don’t tell anybody but it’s even leading the Menai Challenge too, though the time isn’t posted yet.

Cool stuff

As you say in your video…
Where did the surf ski go? You did not want to actually make a comparison between the Taran and a surf ski did you? Since you are quoting statistics. 2011 Molokai surf ski championship…32 miles/51 km in 3:31 which is about the same time that the Taran did 21 miles in. This is not to say that the Taran is not one fast and wonderful boat, however, mocking the surf ski in your video is not going to slip by the type of paddler who would be interested in the Taran. Good luck with your new boat, you make some really beautiful and interesting kayaks. Bill

Quote not quite correct

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It wasn't "where did the surf ski go?"

It was "where did the PLODDER in the surf ski go?"

Not at all the same meaning.

As fast as surf skis are able to go (with the right paddler), I bet they can go slow too!

Not really.
To plod - “The act of moving or walking heavily and slowly.” Take it how you want. Calling your boat fast and then saying “where did the person moving slowly in a surf ski go?” Tee Hee Tee Hee. Maybe the person in the surf ski is having a drink, taking a pee, masturbating, or is two or three waves in front of you. Either way you chose to compare yourself to a surf ski in a promotional video on your commercial website. Not smart in my opinion. This is a professional sales tool, not some fool on you tube. As a fan of Rockpool, “I” took it in a way that put me off. I don’t own a surf ski, but I know when the salesman is taking liberties in self promotion and this causes me to have doubts about the entire presentation. Doubts, which in Rockpool’s case I would immediately dismiss because of my respect for their designs. Just keep it real dog. Bill

moparharn: “When I watched the video it made a little quip about ‘where did the surf ski go?’. Let’s be honest here okay”

You misquoted. You are going to be hard-pressed to require “honesty” from other people. (To be clear, I am not accusing you of being dishonest.)

The number of people who would be “mislead” by that statement is about zero.

I am the Rockpool agent here in the US. There are currently two Rockpool Tarans being built for shipment to the US by airfreight. They are expected to arrive 3-4 weeks. One is going to a buyer on the East Coast and one will join my Rockpool Demo fleet here on the West Coast. I am up in Bellingham,WA, but I expect to make a trip down the West coast as soon as possible to allow people to paddle this great new Rockpool design. I will get photos and specs up on the Reed/Rockpool blog as soon as I receive the boat. You can visit for vids, specs and description.



Where should we be looking for a Taran sighting on the East Coast?

will you be making one in thermoform?

Hey Falcon…
…This has been a great year with my Alaw Bach TCC. Had it on Lake Erie, Huron, and Superior. Now stop messing with us out here in the midwest and get us some more demo boats:)

relax Byron
At you built, you could camp out IN Taran :wink:

As regarding other boats - Keith’s sponsors sell TideRace, if you are going to the Gales, ask him to bring a few models (I am quite sure he will bring his xplore-s). IIRC Aled Williams, the person behind TideRace is responsible for Rockpool hulls.


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"At you built, you could camp out IN Taran"

How true. I use hip pads in the Alaw and that makes for a great fit. I don't wiggle around at all. Initially I was concerned that the hard seat was going to be a pain in the posterior but it hasn't been a problem.

And you are correct. The Alaw Bach is a Williams design. This past summer I attended the RiverSide Port Huron symposium. There were some Tiderace kayaks there but I was having so much fun in my current boat I never bothered to check them out.

If I go next year (which I probably will), I'll give them a go. But I gotta say I really like not having to sweat damaging the sacrificial gel coat as I tend to hit rocks. That's a carry over from my mountain bike days...