Rockpool Underground G-style kayak

Hi, guys!

news about the Rockpool Underground are out on my blog


Thanks Freya
What are the cockpit dimensions, inside and out?

That is a fantastic looking boat. Looking forward to hearing about it’s performance.


tres elegante
like a bone from the wing of a bird

Muchos gracias, Freya

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I am following your nice kayak teamwork with Rockpool on kayakquixotica and QajaqUSA, also. Seems as though your new joint venture is the hot topic on everyone's message boards. Sweet qajaq, for certain. My reaction the very first time I saw it:

Of course, I had that same reaction when I saw the photos of you unwrapping that sweet three piecer in your living room and then setting it on your dining room table. All glittery. Very niiice!

That would be “muchas” not “muchos”

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Necesitas escribir en espanol, Gringo (I don't know how to make the squiggly thing over the "N").

Ñ ñ
On PC:

Ñ = alt+0209

ñ = alt+0241

C’mon Cooldoctor!
That must be the fiftieth time I have seen that monkey, the third or fourth time I see the man in a thong and am anxiously awaiting the rabid dog again. NOT.

got a chuckle once but this is getting really old. Your post was civilized enough, even showing some interest in an innovative design, even though I don’t see much of that from you with male designers and paddlers and wonder if Renata may be getting a bit miffed?

Just my 2 cents.


Tapadh leat
Looking forward to seeing a pair of Rockpools in July.

Hey, everyone, I made bbrasil jealous!

How did you
get a picture of me???