Rocky River Cabarrus Co.

Does anyone know about paddling on the Rocky River in Cabarrus County NC? I’m pretty sure there’s not any access on Hwy 601, but I’m thinking that there may be a creek that has decent depth that crosses a little north on 601 from the Rocky River crossing.

I used to play in the river when I was younger with some friends that lived nearby, but I really know nothing else about it, except that it’s fairly close to me and the levels look to be up enough to enjoy a trip right now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I’m interested in joining a group if anyone is planning to paddle nearby.

American Whitewater has the following
listing, and it appears that particular Rocky River is also in the Benner guidebook for NC. I encourage you to join AW. They have good to excellent whitewater info for your state.

This link is too long to just click. You will have to select all of it and paste it in your address line.

I had not come across that site. Thanks you very much for the link. I hope that’ll get me somewhere.

Find Any Access Points?
I am currently looking for access points along the Rocky River in Cabarrus County too. A buddy of mine lives in a community that borders the river and we know of an access point there, but we need to find another one upstream or downstream from that. So far we haven’t had much luck since most of the land is private and we are concerned about leaving a vehicle parked there while we paddle.

I’ll post here again if we are able to find anything.