Rod Holder for Sit-In Kayak

Hello, all. I’m positive this has been covered but my search skills must be low. I own a 12’ Perception Prodigy (stock photo below) and it is a sit-in. In a few months, we are going to take an annual multi-day camping trip on the river and I’d like to fish out of my kayak. I already own a nice short rod (snicker) so that’s covered. I’m having trouble finding any rod holders that are designed to clamp onto the rim of the opening, or however most people handle this.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Will this work?

Thanks for that but I was more thinking about when I was actually had a hook in the water. Something to hold the rod while I was paddling to troll or to just sit it in while the bobber is floating. Not a transport like what you linked me to.

I do appreciate the thought though.

You need to mount your rod holder where it won’t interfere with your paddle stroke, which is a challenge because your paddle and your arms sweep over a pretty large portion of your kayak with each stroke. I suggest that you buy a Scotty Rectangular Flush Mount (Item 244) or round flush mount (Item 344) and mount it right in front of the cockpit of your Prodigy on the centerline of the kayak. These mounts are sealed on the bottom and will be completely out of the way when you aren’t fishing. Don’t buy a locking rectangular flush mount - they aren’t sealed and can allow water into your kayak. Then I suggest that you buy a Scotty rod holder which is suitable for the kind of reel which you use. A Baitcaster/Spinning rod holder (Item 280) is a good all-around choice. Insert the rod holder so it holds your rod at right angles to your kayak with the handle of the reel facing you. This will allow you to monitor the tip of your rod for strikes when you’re trolling. Don’t mount any rod holders behind you, as you’ll get a sore neck trying to monitor them, and there is a risk of flipping your kayak when you reach around behind you to get your rod.

To install the flush mount, you’ll need to drill a 1 3/8 inch hole for the socket for the rod holder, and four small holes for the bolts which hold down the rod holder. Attach the flush mount with stainless steel bolts, lock nuts, and fender washers. Smear some Marine Goop, Aquaseal, or silicone sink and tub sealant on the back of the flush mount before you bolt it down to seal the holes. Drilling holes in your kayak may seem scary, but kayak anglers mount stuff all over their kayaks. Don’t worry about drilling a couple of holes.

Another option is to bolt a short section of gear track to the centerline of your Prodigy in front of the cockpit, and install rod holders and other equipment in the track. For trolling, you need a fixed mount which will hold your rod holder at right angles to your kayak. I wouldn’t buy a Scotty Gearhead base, because the tension of your line when you’re trolling will twist the Gearhead, which is irritating. An advantage of mounting a section of track on your kayak is that you can install gear from a variety of manufacturers in the track.

To find out more about how to outfit your kayak for fishing, check out the kayak fishing forums for your area. Forums such as the Northwest Kayak Anglers forum contain a wealth of information about outfitting kayaks and fishing from kayaks. You’ll find that the majority of kayak anglers fish from sit-on-top kayaks, but there is plenty of information about outfitting sit-inside kayaks.

Thanks! I appreciate the time it took to type all that in. Very informative post.

ACK - is a great resource for info on outfitting your kayak for fishing.
Here’s a Scotty mount -
Here’s a Railblaza mount -

I like the Railblaza mounts myself. Most fishing mount systems can be installed as a recessed or surface mount. I don’t like to cut a lot of holes in my kayaks, so I do surface mounting.

ACK has a lot of informational videos on fishing gear and how to install it. I buy stuff from ACK all the time and they are awesome folks.

I put two of these behind the seat on my Old Towne, Egret.

I used some 5200 sealant to seal the flange and screws to the deck. It’ll never come off. However remember to tip the kayak to empty water from the closed end holders before lifting it over your head. It can be a surprise wetting.

I’m very happy with this one:

I can adjust it for just holding the rod or for trolling (tip off to the side).