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I’m a newbie to fishing from a kayak. I have a feelfree nomad SOT. It’s got a really wide/stable beam and there’s lots of room in the “cockpit” if-you-will. I’d like to mount a rod holder of some sort between my legs about mid-way between knee and thigh level. I’m trying to figure out how to mount a rod holder. Are there any models out there with adhesive bases to them or are they thru-hull types that get mounted with screws. If they are the latter, how do you mount one to a SOT since you can’t get underneath the deck like you can in a SINK?

If its a poly kayak, adhesives won’t
stick. The best way to mount the rod holder is either with rivets, the way I’m most familiar with, or well-nuts…only heard about them, never seen them. I have a Scotty rod holder, flush mount base, attached with rivets. I’ve had about a month, been out 6 or 7 times, and no problems with it. If you don’t have or don’t want to go to the expense of buying a rivet gun and rivets, ask your kayak dealer if they can mount the rod holder. The place that mounted mine only charged $5 and they had the right kind of rivets, also cut the hole for the rod holder base. DON’T get the flush mount holder that the whoe holder sinks down into the kayak, especially if you fish and kayak where there may be wave action. Those kind will cause water to get inside your hull unless you cap the bottom end and then, you get water in the holder and its difficult to get it out. The Scotty fits into the hole, is removeable, and has a cap to plug the hole when you don’t want the holder in the way. This is all just my opinion, I’m sure others will have more. Oh, also look at the RAM rod holders and some people like the Tite-Locks, they’re all aluminum. I’ve also got one of those, but prefer the Scotty.

I looked up a pic of your boat. The pic shows a deck plate on the bow that should provide access for you to use stainless bolts, washers and nylock nuts to attach a Scotty Rod Holder. I drill the holes for the bolts 1/32nd smaller than the both and then add a drop of Marine Goop to the bolts when I insert them. This helps to ensure they stay waterproof and never vibrate loose during transport. So far, perfect performance for three years.

I’d recommend that you mount the holder as far forward as you can comfortably reach.

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