Rod Holder & Hull Integrity

Hello all !

I’m new to kayaking. Been canoeing for a few years.

I bought a Pelican Ultimate 120xt. Like it very much.

Have been out 2 times with it. Once on a lake and
once on a river.

I got it for fishing. Twice on the last trip out my rod
almost got knocked into the water.
Once by my dog and once by me.

Now I want to put in a flush mounted rod holder.

My question to you is…

Will cutting a hole in my kayak hull (for rod holder)
compromise the hull integrity???

No, its ok. Also secure the rod with a leash.

Be sure to put in a good backer plate or large washers to spread out any torque to minimize long term plastic stresses… And use something to keep water seepage - I would use a skinny rubber gasket/washer and silicone on each hull penetration. Sparky’s idea of a rod leash is a good one too!

I have two of those installed in a recreational kayak. Used with fender washers. They work fine.

I’ve decided to try a clamp on rod holder.
I’m going to make a dashboard for the kayak.
I will attach it to the dashboard.

There are 30 degree flush mounted rod holders
at Wal-Mart (Ozark Trail) for about $4.

However the flush mount rod holders will not
accommodate all styles of rod grips.

I will try and post a photo when completed.