Rod holders

I notice people using rod holders attached to milk crates. Is there any reason not to install flush mount rod holders? wouldn’t they take more torque?

I use both, and the flush-mount is nice for a casual junket and all I want to do is bring along a rod and a small tackle box and not “REALLY” fish…

When I’m ‘going fishing’, I’ll takr the basket with the 2 vee’d out holders and stuff it full of my gear, and take 3 rods along, one in the flusah-mount. I MAY put put out a shrimp on a hook from one of the holders, and cast a lure with another rod, but that’s about it. I usually take a smallish baitcaster with 6# test, a medium-small spinner with 15# test, and a medium spinner with 25# test.

I’ve trolled from both, and I guess that’s where you’re coming from, but if you worried about a big fish eother pulling the rod out, or breaking it, set a lighter drag! Otherwise, I just use the holders to carry the rods, and when I get to where I’m going, select the rod/lure combo that I figure will do best what I want to when I’m at the spot.

The crate and PVC pie rod holdrs is really a convenient way to take more with you, to be prepared for a wider variety of circumstances as you fish while you

Paddle On!

-Frank in Miami

Thanks Frank