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Who makes a good rod holder for a kayak? I just use an Old Town Loon, but want to fish from it.


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As far as I am concerned any kind of flush mount rod holder will work just fine.

I’ve got a Scotty flush mount. It works
great. Ram also makes a good one. There are others out there, but the Scotty and Ram rodholders are probably the most popular. I’ve also got a tite-lock aluminum rod holder. Its sort of a mixed thing with me. It works, some people like them becase they will take a variety of size and types of rods, but I prefer the Scotty.

Crack of Dawn’s…
Flush mount comes with a sealing gasket. Good quality. Works great for me!

The gasket is a nice idea, but usually
not necessary, depending, of course, on placement. Just silicone the hell out of the area where its to be installed.

Flush mounts…
I don’t like flush mounts because they keep the reels too close to the water. I fish a lot of salt water and hate seeing my reels get soaked over and over again with salt water.

However… We do have one boat that has them and I discovered a little trick to sealing the hole at the bottom of the holder. Academy Sports and other marine supply stores sell a little plastic cup that’s made to fit over the ball on a trailer hitch for less than one dollar. Heat the cup with a blow-dryer and the cup will fit snuggly on the bottom of a flush mount rod holder. I glued them in place with Seal-All and they’ve been there for over a year now. You do have to empty the holder every once in a while if it fills up with water but I’d rather have that water in the holder as opposed to the yak.

Go get em!