Rod Holders

Anyone know where I could get a rod holder to attach to my kayak to aid in trolling.

I have found trolling to be quite effective but would like to add comfort to pleasure…

Thanks… may be

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a good placed to start your search. Basically, the three best options for kayak rod holders IMO are Scotty, RAM, and Tite-Lok, not necessarily in that order...that's for you to decide. Post your question on the fishing forum on and you'll get some good responses.

Spring Creek Outfitters

They have an item called “Rod Sentry with Post”. It is just what you are looking for. Go to “Fishing Accessories”. Then to “Fishing Rod Holders”. It is item # 18513.

Alabama Small Boats



home made
I was at La Jolla a couple years ago and met a guy who converted his Scrambler SoT to a fishing kayak.

He tool 6" pieces of PVC that would hold his rod, put a PVC cap on the bottom, drilled a hole through bottom and boat and bolted the holder to his Scrambler. I suggested that he back the holder with a large washer bigger than the PVC to prevent plastic fatigue, but his system works and he had three, two for trolling and one to hold while he took a drink.

I wonder what would happen when a large fish decided to run under his boat and roll him?

Thanks for the help and ideas…Merry Christmas and may the waters you paddle be glass…

Here’s Another…

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Scotty has a new flush, water tight mount for kayaks... GH