Rod Holders

-- Last Updated: Jul-11-12 9:42 AM EST --

I have 2 WS Tsunami 140's and am looking for clamp on rod holders (I do not want to drill into the boats). I found a couple on Amazon but want some advice from people who have used this style of holders.

Even if I don't plan on fishing when I go out for a paddle I almost always bring a fishing rod with me. My wife and I enjoy relaxing and fishing from our yaks.


Buy Scotty and drill
Removable rod holders have the bad habit of removing themselves at inconvenient times.

  • Big D

want something that gets your reels up some so they’re not getting doused all day by even the smallest wave/wakes.This is what I hate about flush mounts so often already on many yaks these days.Anyway Scotty and RAM are likely your best bet.Also check BPS,Cabelas for sales/shipping discounts.Good luck!

Yak Clip
Is what I use. Clips on the cockpit lip. I clip my pole to it when paddling and my paddle to it when floating and fishing. The pole lies on the front deck when paddling.

With any
clip on make sure you have the drag set fairly light.That way you wont have it yanked off.Once you have the rod in your hands you can just palm the reel or grip the line with your fingers as you fight the fish.