Rodholder install on cored boat

Bought a new Old Town Cayuga 146 about a week ago.

I’d like to install a flush-mount rod holder on this thing, but i’m a bit aprehensive…

I’m worried about the coreing and possible delamination issues later on down the road. I feel like as long as that outer sking (plastic) is all in once piece and flexes uniformily over a broad area, that the possiblity of delam. is minimal.

Once I cut that hole, however, there’s instantly an abnormality that I fear might foster some delam around that area.

Am I crazy? If not, what’s teh best way to do this? 5200 around the wall of the hole, as well as the bolt holes, and then a bed of it for the holder to mount to sit in?



Cut the hole, but use a hole saw of
the proper diameter. A good waterproof sealant to bed the rod holder mount onto the deck will help ease your worries.

worry about it. I work in a shop we have drilled and cut so many holes in Old Town boats it would scare you. If you look all the hatch cutouts and cockpit cutouts. They are just just that cut out. The plastic does not delaminate. If for some reason it does, It would be a defect in the plastic and a factory issuse. But as the other poster said it doesn’t hurt to seat it in a sealent. Best to use Aquaseal though. It works great and if you need it too it can come off.

Good luck and Good Journey’s


Friday I did just that, cut a hole in my
Loon to install a Scotty flush mount rod holder. No problem, but did use a hole saw. Just make sure that, if you are installing the rod holder in front of you, to make sure that you allow enough room for the sweep of your paddle.