Rogue River 14TK

-- Last Updated: Apr-05-16 6:30 PM EST --

What does everyone think about the Rogue River 14TK? I found one for cheap, and I'm on a budget right now. I know it's probably nothing fancy, but it's in great shape for the price and I want to get out on the river.

I have also found a 20 yr old Clipper 17' Kevlar canoe (not sure of the model...that's all the details) for the same price but it's a roadtrip to go check it out. It's reinforced by fiberglass on the bottom (apparently, preemptive repair and there have never been leaks)

Can either of these handle some class 11 rapids? I'd like to use it for mainly single night overnight trips on local rivers and lakes. No crazy rapids but the rivers around here are fast.

Let me know what y'all think.

Are you paddling tandem or solo?
If you are paddling tandem, I wouldn’t go with a 14 foot boat. I you are paddling solo, the Clipper is probably too long, the the RR is probably too wide.