Rogue RIver at 8-10k CFS

Hey guys, I have 5 days off and am considering IKing the Rogue late next week. Current volume is around 10,000cfs. I have a buddy with a lot of experience and I am new to kayaking. I have spent 5 days on the river (Wilson and Owyhee) in an IK and have taken a lot of trips in rafts. I have my doubts as to whether I am ready for the rogue. I will portage blossom bar most likely, but there are a lot of other serious rapids to consider (Rainy Fish ladder, Tyree, and Mule Creek Canyon, etc). Any opinions on whether the river at this level is reasonable? My buddy thinks it will be fine, but I thought getting some outsider opinion might be good.



10k cfs is a lot of water in that rather
narrow canyon.

Hey there,

Just finished running the rogue in a 12 ft. paddle raft on April 6. The water was really big on our last day. Went through Mule Creek and Blossom Bar on the 6th when river levels were 15000 cfs at Agness. Mule Creek canyon had constant boils all the way to Blossom Bar. Blossom Bar was huge and really hard to navigate with the flow so fast, we should have ported it. You’ve got an experienced guy with you which will help, but watch out for Mule Creek in a kayak, it’s pretty nasty at high flows. Glad to hear you’re porting Blossom Bar. The upper rapids were all great though, and probably easier at higher flows. Tyee was pushy, but if you want to skip it there was a left channel open with the higher water.

Mule Creek Canyon Rapid
Big Chief, Thanks for the info. River is coming down (7100 at Grants Pass & 11200 at Agness on 4/9, but more rain is coming… You mentioned mule creek was a constant boil all the way down to Blossom Bar. If one of us took a swim in Mule Creek Canyon, are there any/many eddies along the way that would give a decent opportunity for recovery?

there are but…
you gotta have a strong crew at these levels. It is a pushy river with steep side walls so…all the current has to go somewhere. it changes from exciting fun to pure terror in a heartbeat.


Mule Creek
Steve, Thanks for the post. I am really on the fence about changing our plans. I think Mule Creek is the crux of the run considering current conditions. We are now planning on portaging at Blossom. I think everything would work out, but I am not sure I am willing to risk a swim in mule creek. The Owyhee looks like a good alternative with better forecasted weather, but we did it last year.


Just wanted to thank you guys for the advice. We have hooked up with a 15ft raft and 16ft Cat that are putting in the same day. Should widen our safey margins, looking forward to getting wet.