Roll Injury - torn tendon inside pelvis

Have any of my fellow whitewater/rolling boaters ever had a tendon tear inside/off their pelvis? Location is this: rest your hand on your right/hip snap hip - like you are resting at while standing - or angry) and feel the top of that pelvic arch, where your middle finger falls in the front that is where the attachment is - I think. Had a heavy whitewater rolling day, and think something snapped. Can do everything normally, but after lots of walking or very easy boating - within sitting for an hour and even until next morning extreme pain at that spot and hard to stand up straight without pain. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Did go to one doctor who thought it could be a tear or hernia INSIDE that right pelvic ‘bowl’ where the ball joint sits - ever hear of that one?

Need a picture
Right now without a picture (NMR) it’s a guessing game. If its a pull or strain then time, gentle therapy (exercise) and some treatment will let it heal - but it takes time. But if it’s an actual tear, then I assume more serious intervention will have to follow ??? Hope for the best with no picture as of yet. Apparently your doctor thought no picture was necessary? Perhaps he’s assuming the best that it’s a pull or strain which is good. Good luck.

Bicycle Accident
Several years ago I had a bike crash into the curb to avoid being hit by a car and was wearing 1980s style toe clips, I felt something rip inside my hip area, but not much pain at first, it got worse with time. There are several large tendons that cross each other in that location and they have bursa that keep the tendons from cutting into each other and other tissue. The bursa can get inflammed. I had a lot of poor treatment of this injury from general practitioners who had me walking on crutches, that actually irritated the tendon more , because it was the tendon used to lift my leg to use the crutches. I finally got sent to a sports orthopedic surgeon, who was the team doctor for the Detroit Lions. It took him about five minutes to figure out what tendon was the problem and got me physical therapy. It took a long time to heal. My advice is if you don’t get some relief quickly find an orthopedic person who specializes in sports injuries. Call a physical therapist and see if they can recommend someone. Your injury may be quite different, but get someone who knows what they are doing.

It could be tendonitis
rather than a tear in which event with time it will get better. If it were me I would see a doctor asap. Failing to diagnose and treat these injuries can sometimes leave you with a permanent impairment that cannot be fixed. See an MD.

yes, I have
my left hip (I don’t do hip snaps as I prefer to roll with a GP) had a torn ligament that it was diagnosed by ultrasound. I did it while rolling sea kayaks in the surf.

After a heavy session of surfing and voluntarily getting tossed around (I enjoy back surfing) once back on land my hip started to hurt. It did not go away for awhile so I got it checked and the doctor said: no need for hip replacement yet :slight_smile:

It took a while to heal but I am back to rolling and paddling without pain.

see a doctor

Never a tear, just ‘charley-horses’ and
that’s bad enough.

Sure hope it heals quickly.