Roll training NE Florida

Forgot where it was discussed. But here it is. The poster was asking who does roll training in North East Florida. I asked our local club member, and Coast Guard Aux member and he gave me the following …

He referenced the following instructors, Tim Nichols (up north) , Mike Shug(Orlando) and Rachael Austin (Jax) . Tim N comes south to do the bump training at St Augustine and at Sweetwater (St Pete, February) . Mike is in Orlando. Rachael teaches out of Ferndina/Jacksonville through Kayak Amelia.

I suggest you follow up on Rachael. I’ve paddled with her when she first came to town. Knows her stuff. Wife took one of her classes. Clear and consice.

Incidently Chuck our Coast Guard Aux guy says the Aux is starting a program where they come out and do paddle safety seminars and some in the water training.

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Thank you! And a big thanks to all the great help from so many folks on this site.
This is a great list of resources that several folks have agreed on. I’m pretty much just waiting til work’s not so hectic, then I’m going to try as many lessons as I can!

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