Roll-up tables

I’m contemplating purchase of a roll-up table. Anyone have experience with the various brands out on the market? I am looking for the style with slats rather than a tensioned nylon tabletop.



And I thought I was a spoiled camper :wink:

Slumberjack table

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The local outdoor store has one of these on display and it is pretty nice for car camping but is just a little heavy for canoe camping.

an alternative is this one from Cabella's.

I’ve got the
square ones with the wooden slats. I got them from the evil (previous word required by the PC crowd 8>) ) Wal Mart. The legs are great, the wooden slats are raw wood so they need a sealer, the bungies that hold the slats together fall apart. Great concept, I still use them, just be careful if you go cheap.

To avoid the Evil Empire from Arkansas. My table has been through several wars, famines, storms, droughts, and pestilence, and it still stands. The table is great for Portable Happy Hour, which is the key to happy outdoor adventure.

I have an alum. roll-up table made by Alps Mountaineering…light weight and good quality. I bought it at Sierra Trading Post.


I was looking at REI
when I posted. No evil empire for me (direct competitors to my employer).

I like the idea of aluminum top, to protect from stove heat, but would prefer aluminum legs too. REI sells the same table that is shown on the Cabella’s site. Maybe I need to stop in on my way to Pittsburgh…



One thing to look out for…
The slats of the aluminum top tables have white plastic end caps that fall out much too easily. So far, I’ve found all the ones that fell out (in the garage, in the bag, in the sand, etc.) but I’m thinking about gluing mine them in so I don’t lose them permanently.

I was in REI this weekend and saw that they now sell a smaller end-table size roll-up table. They were sold out except for the floor model (which was already missing several of the plastic end caps), so I think I will order one. Since my canoe camping chair is the child’s size, the smaller end table will be perfect for cooking, eating and schmoozing around the campfire. It was $35. I don’t recall how much the regular sized tables were.

River Goddess

p.s. the new, small end table is on a collapsible frame just like it’s big brother, with two tubes that snap onto the frame, and the slats unroll to snap onto the frame. This small version is not the same as the other small aluminum roll up that REI carries that has fold-out legs that is only a few inches off the ground.

check out or I have an aluminum guidegear 48x24. It fits my needs.

“The Jammit” Personal Outdoor Table

Plastic Top
Ours is a plastic top (Coleman brand I believe). It is a little rickety, particularly for some of the less graceful members of my family. It has a clear warning about not using it for a stove due to possible heat problems. I have used my Coleman two burner on it many times with no trouble. I usually don’t use a single burner on it because the ones I have are inherently unstable and don’t combine well with a shakey table. “Oh, so the hot coffee goes on the inside?”

Overall ours is handy at times but a little dissappointing. I was very close to jettisoning it during the recent move.