Rolled a Pungo 120 today

Today I was out on the CT river with a friend. I was in my Eddyline Nighthawk and he was in my old Pungo 120. I was rolling all over the place and decided to try rolling the pungo. I had to sit almost in a split to wedge my knees under the coaming. I nailed it first try with a modified extended paddle roll. I couldn’t belive it, I found it kinda funny and I just had to tell someone.

why funny?
it’s totally do-able. even w/o the extended paddle position.


totally do-able
as in i can learn to roll in my pungo, or should i learn in a samller cockpit and then “graduate”?

Very hard to learn in such a boat

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Buy an old beat to death white water boat or something.

Might Be Surprized
Some people learn very fast and it is very easy for them. Steven learned in one session and has a better roll than I do. Some people take forever and a day, I am a great example of one of those.

If you are interested I could help. I have a video that helped me after I was finally able to mentally see everything. You could try your boat and if after attempting that you felt you wanted to try an easier boat to roll you could rent one for a day, or borrow one.


Now it starts!
Bully for you on rolling a Pungo but…if every newbie reading this post thinks that rolling, edging and deep bracing are NORMAL functions with big beamy large cockpits this post topic has led them astray. Don’t buy into it!! Ghidorah has learned to roll in other boats and transferred that skill. WE’ve watched many attempts to roll in Loons, Pungos etc and generally the spray skirts sag in the middle with water pressure and they pop off and that’s the end of roll attempt and now you have a lot of water to empty out. I COULD haul steel girders on my little Subaru if I wanted to make a point but would I advise it? So you newbies beware that rec boats have serious limitations and don’t be unsafe on the water thinking you have a sea kayak that can handle anything. It’s the SKILL of paddlers like Ghidorah that make it work.

preachy? (nm)

should i be insulted here?

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i mean, i *am* the newbie who responded...

p.s. ghidorah, thanks for sharing the feat, you're the second person from whom i've heard they've rolled a pungo. i truly do intend to do the same someday, even if i am an ignorant newbie with a big beamy cockpit rec boat.

It was funny because
It was funny for me because I bought the Pungo not nowing a thing about Kayaking. I quickly learned that what I had was a rec boat and it was kinda looked down upon. The damn thing is very wide and awkward. 6 months after buying it I upgraded to an eddyline Nighthawk (big change) and learned proper bracing and rolling.

I had never even thought of trying to roll the Pungo. I tried it to see if it was even possible, and it is.

Though it is true the skirt I have for it made my Wilderness Systems is HORRIBLE and it pops off very easy and water gets in.

You go girl