Roller Loader for Kayaks

Does anyone have any feedback on the Roller Loader system that is available on tha Kayak fishing stuff site? It mounts on the back of your car/van using two suction cups and has two big wheels on it. The site also states that it can be used as a kayak cart to get to the water. It costs $139. A little steep but if it works, its a lot less that a trip to the Chiropractor.

We have similar
Ours doesn’t double as a kayak cart (neat idea), but it has two big wheels, suction cups for the rear window and straps with clips to insert over the edge of the rear gate (we have a station wagon). It can be a little funky to get set up straight until you get used to it. But it works well enough that, by adding a kayak cart, a rope or strap, a blanket or knee pads and a kayak cart, I can get my 17 and a half ft kayak on and off the car by myself if need be.

It works
I used the rollerloader before I got my Malone Autoloaders. The Rollerloader works, and it takes less effort than lifting the boat onto the Autoloaders.

One thing I found is that the rear edge of the roof should be protected with a towel or something, as the hull could rub against the roof on it’s way from the Rollerloader to the rear cradle. I found this necessary when using a sedan. Mounting on an SUV could be different and perhaps better. The web site shows how it works.

The cart feature works okay when used more towards the middle of the boat. The suction cups are fashioned to adhere to a relatively flat surface, so if the hull is flat or gently rounded, it should work.


wanna sell it?

I would consider it
If the price is enough to get me to the post office instead of on the water.


Thankls for the response
Thanks for all the input. Does anyone have a used one they want to get rid of?

Many uses
I think I’d seen the loader mentioned and it was based on something like an industrial twin suction cup window glass installation tool with two wheels added by the handle, also a little support strut and a few straps. It looked useable for also rolling the boat to the launch site, or as a possible carry handle for odd things around the house and best it could help install new autoglass if the boat ever slipped off the roller and into your back seat. Anyhow it looked like a truly handy accessory.

I don’t know what I’d do without mine. The price is a little much but it pays for itself, I wouldn’t do without it -

roller loader
Do you thing it would work with the shape of a Pamlico 145T?

Can’t tell from the photos
Go to and call the Amagansett Beach Shop (the number is listed on the site). This is actually a little kayak & bike shop out on eastern Long Island. They sell and rent Wilderness Systems boats and the RollerLoader is their product, so they should be able to answer your question. The owner is a very nice person to deal with.


Shouldn’t be a problem using it…
for a Pamlico. My Prijon Yukon is also 14’5" and it works fine. Should work for just about any yak - just get your bow between the wheels, pick up your stern and glide your kayak on the wheels up to your rack.

I mean using it as a cart…
I agree that as a boat loader it will work with most boats, but as a cart, it may not work if there is a pronounced “V” shape to the hull.