Roller Loader

Any thoughts on the roller loader for a kayak. Thought of going the route of a pull behind but saw one of these online. So far cannot find anyone who sells them but one supplier???!!?? Any ideas from anyone on the loader and where to find one.

Roller Loader
A number of manufacturers make them. I have a Thule Rollercoaster that I’ve never used due to its wide span on the bars; it doesn’t fit my tandem, which is the only boat I really could use the roller for. If you’re interested in this one, I’d gladly sell it for much less than what a new one goes for-email me privately.

The one that I’m currently using is a Malone I believe (Thanks, Scott.) that fits in the crack of my CR-V liftgate for loading only-it doesn’t remain permanently on the vehicle or on the load bars.

You can do with
Thule’s Roller Coaster or Hydro Glide saddle. Protect your back windshiled with a bath mat (with wetted suction cups attached to glass). Rest the bow on mat and lift the stern. Just glide your boat foward. A caveman can do it.

Hadn’t thought about using a bath mat. That would really make things simpler. Will def. try that. What a cheap way to go! Thanks!

Check These Guys Out…

I am a “died in the wool” Thule fan but the Roller Coaster just did not mate with my Tarpon 160 hull. I found an awesome mini-roller (made by Oak Orchard in Buffalo, New York) that mounts between my rear Hydro-Glide saddles directly on the Thule crossbar. The roller is mounted low enough to keep the hull from dragging on the crossbar and lets the hull catch the saddles. The mini is fairly priced and is very well constructed. Oak Orchard makes several other rollers for Thule/Yakima mounts and also several window or door edge configurations.

The Oak Orchard guys have got to be “transplanted Texans”. . . they are just too nice and cooperative to be “New Yawkers”!

Good idea but I also need a third hand
I will search for a bathmat with good suction.

This summer I used a beach towel for loading.

Unloading is the worst, I need another hand to guide the far side of the kayak. Many times I’ve had my yak come tumbling off by itself, out of my control and bouncing on the ground when I’m unloading. This isn’t cool. Any ideas?

I’ve thought about tying a line around my yak so I could grab it more toward the middle as I push it off the back. So maybe the bath mat would grab it so it won’t go slip sliding away from me.

This past summer I got my inadequate body trained to enter and exit my kayak with a little more dignity than previously and I’ve managed to reload my kayak without looking like a total misfit who has no business trying to kayak.

Sometimes when one is a bit handicapped one has to improvise. My methods have become what works for me but they are not ones I’ve read about or watched on videos.

So this summer I am hoping to find a safer way to take my boat off of the roof of my van.

Roller loader from Amgansett
On the recommendaton of a friend, I purchased a Roller Loader from Amansett Beach and Bicycle Co. and as a short person at 5’2" with a Ford Expedition, it works great for me. It can also be used to haul a boat down to the water’s edge.

They can be found on the web at