rollerloader for canoes?

We're trying to figure out a way to help us load our canoe on the car roof (and our backs ain't what they used to be). I've read good things about the Rollerloader but the reference is always to kayaks, not canoes. It seems to me this device would work for canoes but perhaps I'm missing something. And a secondary question: would the Rollerloader work as a cart for a canoe? Many thanks for any thoughts. We're new at all this and need advice.

Pull out bar inside of rack tube.
Some folks have a tube inside the front rack bar that pulls out . You put one end of the boat on that and then lift the other into place on the other rack bar. Then you slide the canoe over and push in the telescoping tube. It seems to work well.

Rollers versus sliding
The whole roller-loader concept is contingent on being able to lean the boat up onto the rear crossbar without contacting the vehicle. If you can do that already with your canoe, you don’t need rollers. Just place the canoe gunwales-down on the rear cross bar and slide it forward the rest of the way. If you can’t lean the canoe onto the rear crossbar, the telescoping tube, described in the previous post, works just fine.

You will hear from Rgams (Doc)
if he reads this. He has one on his full-sized GM SUV, and I watched him toodle his canoe onto the rack lickedy-split. QED. The cats meow. The bees knees.


Wait a minute - maybe his is not a Roller Loader - his is a full-width roller that mounts to the rear x-bar…

more questions
I just spoke to the the rollerloader maker who told me it only loads boats upright (thus the continual mention of kayaks) so wouldn’t be suitable for canoes which sit on the car roof upside down. He does say he’s now starting to make and sell a canoe loader. (This is from Amagansett beach and bicycle co but is quite pricey.)

We just have the standard racks that come with the Subaru wagon. How would those telescoping (and rolling) tubes work on such things?

Thanks for more info, or other options…

As a Suby owner
I can say that I believe they would not work well. The wide rollers (Oak Orchard?) work well if you can place the bow on the roller and then lift the stern & push foreward.

The factory x-bars do not lend themselves to easy loading by one person. If you care to spend the bucks, a set of Yakima or Thule bars & brackets will give you a stable setup with many options, including devices such as the Yakima Boarloader. This is a great solo accessory (have one) and would make loading simpler. Of course, simpler comes at a price.


Maine Roll-On
After much research I purchased the “Maine Roll On” from Maine Outdoor Products, which is a big help in loading and unloading my canoe. The Maine Roll On is also designed to fit Barrecrafters, Thule and Yakima systems.

The roller is well made and the canoe glides up and onto and off of the rack with ease. The unit has two loading/unloading positions and a transport position.

I highly recommend this product for those who need to load and unload their canoe or kayak without the assistance of others.

Maine Roll On
THATS the one Doc has. Couldnt remember the brand. His certainly seemed to work well.


What vehicle and where?

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You did not say what vehicle so help responces are limited.

You did not say where so it is difficult to tell you just go look "over there".

When you fill out your profile posters do read it to help you in their answers to your questions.

I use different methods on my vehicles, but do not know your vehicles. I use side extensions, self made "roller" on third bar, small step ladder, etc.

In the mean time there is a vehicle wide roller made for loading canoes that works fine, but not sure if approprate for your unknown vehicle. Go to Blue Mountain Outfitters in Marysville, PA to see it in the shop and in use on their vehicles.



Oversized pipe roller
Just put an oversize piece of PVC or other pipe over the Yakima bar.