I’m thinking about buying a “Rollerloader” to assist me in loading a Prijon Kodiak and Seayak onto the roof of my Chevy Tahoe. Just looking for some feedback from anyone who has used one or something similar.

I have one
I used it to load off of a regular sedan with it mounted on the rear trunk. It worked really well. On an SUV it would be mounted on a vertical surface if you are loading from the rear, which I have not tried. I imagine you would need to use the provided straps to hold it in place. Of course, if you load from the front hood, I can vouch for it’s performance. It does a fair job as a mid section cart as well and it does fit below deck in my boat which does not have a lot of space down there. The people at Amagansett Beach Shop are nice. It’s a small place in Amagansett Long Island. Nice place to visit if you want to try one out.


used to use it
We used to use the Rollerloader to load the kayak on the Ford Explorer. We would stick it on the back window, but could never seem to get the suction tight enough so it wouldn’t slip. Eventually gave up on it and throw a towel on the back of the car instead, and just slide the boats up to the rack.

Haven’t used it to portage the boats yet, but I think it would be useful for that.

seems kinda pricey…
at $139 seems a bit pricey. I use the Yakima Boatloader (about $50) it is a bar that extends out to the side when needed. Just lift the bow onto the bar, move to the stern and lift the boat up onto the rack.

A set of hully rollers set on the rear bar (set as far back as possible) would be another option.