Rolling a rec. boat.

I actually had somebody try to tell me that you can not roll a rec. baot. I realy don’t beleive this load even though I own a rec. boat and have not learned how to roll it yet.

Although some have so much volume that it may be impossible to get a good grip on the kayak, I’ve found that most rec boats roll fine.

Some rec boats can be rolled
but you odds of learning to roll well go way up wiht a poat that is designed to tip over without all htat much effort and roll up easily.

You can bowl with a 30 pound ball if you’re good, but its easier to learn with a lighter weight.

I think a lot…
…would depend on the boat. Not all rec boats are created equal.

I have a Loon 138, and I cannot find a way to

brace my thighs/knees in it, and so I haven’t

figured out how to roll it.

But it’s a great fishing platform. I could probably shoot ducks out of it, if I was careful.

Other rec boats seem to be more forgiving.

Aparrently they can be rolled…
take a look at this link


Dubside & Leon
The rolling demo at the West Coast Sea Kayak Symposium was excellent. Dubside was amazing. I also watched him practice in a rec boat for quite a while the day before. He made all the rolls look effortless. What I want to know is how he got his Tuilic streached around the cockpit.

Watching Leon Somme do the Greenland rolls in his Romany with a euro paddle was fun. But I have to say watching him and Shawna rolling a double, then rolling a double with one of them hugging the deck, then rolling a double with a third person hugging the front deck, then hand-rolling the double was most entertaining and impressive.

Wish I could have been there.
Sounds great. I’m waiting to see what happens at Delmarva.