Rolling a Tandem?

This question isn’t relevant to me at all. I just woke up this morning and it was my first thought. Is it possible to roll a tandem touring kayak? Does the stronger person do the work and the other lay flat on the deck? Sorry if it’s a silly question… I was just curious.

Definitely possible…
Although a strong roller can easily roll a tandem without his/her partner’s assistance as long as they keep low and tight to the boat, some tandem paddlers work together to roll the boat. In that case, there is usually a designated lead roller who begins the roll and as soon as the second person feels the boat rolling, they join in to assist rolling the boat up. Some paddlers have a signal such as tapping the boat so that the other paddler can time their sweep or brace accordingly. Plus it’s just fun.

Look at Joy/Den’s tandem rolling…
Joy and Den built this tandem for rolling. They are both excellent paddlers and builders.


I know several people who can do it. I watched Leon and Shawna of Body Boat and Blade roll their NDK tandem, hand roll it, and roll it with another person wrapped around the bow.

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Here're some pictures of a Pouch tandem - almost rolling -

Thanks for all the links… that’s pretty interesting.