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Adventure Kayak Online has a few pages dedicated to the ever important question of rolling.

"Deliberations" ->

"Instruction" ->

"The lighter side" ->

1/2 decent and 1/2 crap
that is my take on the article. It could have been really good, instead it is just shy of really bad.

just my opinion though.

the lighter side
Actually, I just wanted to post link to the “lighter side” :slight_smile:

the lighter side makes no sense either…
Based on that logic, playboaters are stupid for learning space godzillas, loops, blunts, and helixes since they aren’t used in river running and they are probably not the move of choice that you’d use to right your kayak. Sometimes a skill or trick in itself is the goal.

I aspired to learn all those g-style rolls because it was fun and because I knew my standard roll would improve immensely. It also helped my confidence and composure when upsidedown. Not so coincidentally, those are the same reasons that I aspire to continue to learn playboating tricks.

Based on that article’s message (and I understand the auther has his tongue firmly imbedded in his cheek), I should be content with merely a couple good rolls on both sides. If that was the top of the proverbial skill mountain, I’d have quit kayaking a long time ago. :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: I’m totally biased since I love greenland style kayaking and rolling.

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