rolling in the pool (chlorine and sinus)

So I was rolling in the pool yesterday. Did not use a nose plug half of the time. Ever since this afternoon I feel like chlorinated water is stuck deep in the nasal cavity (next to my sinus). Heck I can smell the chlorine! It’s a royal pain in the rear (slight headache).

Any remedies to get rid of it? Thanks.


sudafed and afrin

If it stays bad, you might have to get a prescription sinus spray and antibiotics.

I feel your pain, or I’ve felt it.

And now I wear my nose plugs more often.


Standing up and bending down as far as you can and putting your head between your legs. Then stand up. Repeat. Put finger over one nostril and exhale while doing this.

Let me know if it works.

Paul S.

Goggles and earplugs
(goggles that cover the nose) If you spend enough time rolling you will inevitably have to use earplugs anyway, no matter what kind of water. I also found that using them in the pool and for specific practices doesn’t impair my ability to function in real water with less protection. I have my eyes closed in both environments anyway.

Over the counter nasal spray.
Not medicated, just the sterile saline solution. Get it up there just after the pool session or while the passages are still open. I do the same thing in the summer when lakes turn into giant Petri dishes. It’s made a world of difference. BTW, I also keep an unused spare in the camp first aid now as emergency eyewash.



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Running warm, slightly salty water into and out of your sinuses will clear out the pool water and replace it with non-irritating water. There are several ways to do this. Look at: My wife does this all the time to deal with sinus infections.

actually called a “netti pot” and I use them all the time, especially for sinus infections. Funny, because my wife had a similiar situation from a pool session about a year ago and said she had to get home to use the netti pot.

You can buy one from most health food stores or a Wholefoods if you have one near you. They’re pretty cheap. Use pure sea salt for the solution in warm water.

They work wonders for sinus infections because they get all that crap to start moving out of your sinuses and you will be bending over the sink blowing it all out…gross, but works incredibly.

I use chili…
…with lots of hot sauce.

Dive mask or nose clips, and earplugs
Pool water can be incredibly full of pathogens, despite its clear appearance and chlorination. All those human bodies in a small vat of warm water, some of them wearing diapers. Gross.

Keep the entrances to your sinuses and stomach closed: shut your mouth, plug your ears, and wear a dive mask or nose clips to keep water out of your nose. I usually wear nose clips and ear plugs and worried that doing so would somehow cause a massive psychological blip that would make me fail a roll without them. That was not the case.

Now that you already have water in the head, watch out for infection. With me, water trapped in the ears normally drains out on its own, but two times I had to put a few drops of isopropyl alcohol in the affected ear to dry it out. People here have said it’s best to use a mix of alcohol and vinegar.

Supermarket pharmacies sell them
You don’t have to go to a health food store.

or wasabi

you could try snorting jack daniels
mixed with H2o. If that dont get it nothin will!

Auro-Dri - Dry the Ears
It also helps to dry the ear canals after being in the pool. Swimmers use this to prevent swimmer’s ear… I wouldn’t be without it.

Getting a bottle of alcohol is a lot cheaper. That is the only active ingredient in the product. If you like you can also add a little glycerin and vinegar. Both are readily available.