Rolling Question

Pre-emptive question as I haven’t learnt to roll yet, but is it more difficult/dangerous etc to roll with larger objects strapped to the deck? Also any difference if it is objects that are bouyant?


large bouyant objects
can improve your roll

chicken before the egg?
As you learn to roll you will be able to answer this question yourself as there are several variables. One, are you doing forward finishing or rear finishing or c to c rolls etc. What kind of boat? How big are these objects you want to strap to the deck?

A fun roll is to tie an avataq (a greenland hunting float made originally of a seal skin tied off) to the back deck and roll having the buoyancy impede your ability to get under and forcing some strength / technique to get around.


You refering to something that weighs 175 pounds?

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Well that answers it
Seems if you can roll with someone else on the back most other things are going to be fine!

Was thinking more things like solar shower on camping trips and on day trips to local island maybe my surfboard strapped to the back deck…

Thanks for the advice!

I do that with my son all the time! He thinks it is the coolest thing ever!


awesome video fadedred
and to point out the large thing in the video is in-line with the longitudinal axis of the kayak…things that stick out perpendicular will moreso impede the roll–that is why the paddler will lie on the back deck or the front deck when rolling (not always but usually)…now if the hitchhiker on fadered’s kayak was sitting straight up the roll would be more difficult-at least for me.

Jesse, what kayak did you end up getting
the Assateague or something else?

Yes on the Ass!
(That just sounds wrong out of context) - Will be getting shipped up hopefully in the next 2 weeks. Anyone else in Australia I strongly recommend Mark Sundin and Expedition Kayaks for customer service!

Slower start but no problem
Once you know how to roll fairly reliably, though if the object is buoyant enough it may make it easier to go for a 360 rather than a 180 degree roll. At my size, and as I recall you aren’t a 6’4" kinda guy, weight or additional buoyancy can make for a slow start if I am stopped upside down. But you should learn (sooner that I did) to roll on both sides anyway.