Rolling update...

there is no repeated bending of the wire on the homemade jobs. once fitted, you slide them on and off. occassionally they need a pinch if you need to tighten. I have the spring with the silicone ones and thats why I made my own. if I have to make a new wire one every few years, so be it. I havent had problems.

Many Thanks!

Teach yourself to roll
I really want to learn to roll.

There aren’t any classes coming up soon (in my area).

Years ago I tried to roll my C-2 whitewater canoe.

Man I tried so hard.

Solo from the back cockpit, with my legs (knees bent) strapped to the hull.

Couldn’t make it happen.

I have a rockered 16.75’ sea kayak.

I live on a lake and have a pier to practice hip snaps.

Can I teach myself to roll?

You know with out destroying my shoulders

can’t find them available any longer…
But i have some of those…still not that great…i just have a pudgy nose i guess. I use to have this grippy stuff that we used when showing horses, i am going to look for it and rub it on my noseplugs! (if it’s any good)