Rolling update...

Bought a dive mask and went out to the river this weekend. I missed a couple/got a few on the first day. Thought about my lessons with Cheri and went back the second day and nailed it each time.It is truly ALL FORM- I thought i would maybe open my eyes with the mask, but when i tried i screwed up. easier to do it with closed eyes. I really like the mask though…no water up the nose @ all and no foggy contact lenses. tried several style nose plugs, they are okay…but not great, they come off while rolling or wet exiting often. I have a round nose i guess. but awesome with the mask. Any way that is my update. Happy Happy!!!

congrats (we told you so!)
Keep it up!

I was out yesterday after work, trying to slow things down - I’ve a tendency to try to roll too forcefully. So I was trying to complete the roll as slowly as I could without losing momentum. Fun!

on getting the momentum out of the roll…you don’t always have it…and when you need to roll, it might not be there

Best Wishes



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I've had good luck with the nose plugs with the metal clip. You can pinch them and make them fit tighter. Wipe the oils off your nose before putting on the plugs.

Check out some of these:

(Try not to become 'mask dependent')

I have the metal (Smiley) ones and
the flat rubber disk style…they are ok, but no water was better. 1st time i have used the mask. It’s nice for repeated rolls but just to do “A” roll i wouldn’t bother.

Cheri is such an awesome teacher!!!

nose plugs
I made mine with 12 guage electrical wire and bend the ends round with a needle nose and put the self adhesive insulating pipe foam on the ends. They are the best clips I ever had. They never slid off my nose…Im on the same pair for 2 years now.

Very creative
I’m not clear on the pipe insulation part. Are you just cutting a little piece and sticking it on each side?

Would love to see a pic.

me too…pictures please!
i love home made gear.

Here’s a link to a make your own
The above post got me thinking I’d seen that idea before…

Excellent link.

I’ll put these on my to-do list.

Oh i saw this before…but now
put in word and saved it…thanks for re-posting.

I could just live vicariously through you! You make it look easy.

Seriously though, that thought went through my mind when I typed the word “momentum”; I know it’s wrong to rely on it.

Thanks Roy!

Balance Brace
First, grats on the roll. Keep practicing since you’ll want to have a roll you can use when you don’t expect a capsize. A lesson I’ve learned in the past :).

As for the balance brace video, not all hull designs will allow this. My boat turns turtle, period. Perhaps if I added flotation to myself, I could pull this off (tried it many times), but as things are, this simply can’t be done. If you have one of the old Arluk III sea kayaks, which has tons of fore/aft rocker, the boat simply doesn’t turn over completely. Capsize and you have access to air and are already half-way up on your roll. Very easy to recover.


Yup - the balance brace was …

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... what I had to master first before I got a reliable roll. Before that I was always afraid I might fail, but once I figured I could always float-up to a balance brace, I relaxed and had more chances to experiment with the rolls.

On the nose plugs, did you try Cottonmouth?

Of the several brands I've had these are the best fit for me. I actually wore through a pair of Smileys and they did not stay well on my nose either. The Cottonmouth on the other hand does stay where I put it and is comfy. Plus they do not show much wear for being in use for quite a while now... Your nose mileage may varry...

dat’s whut I got
They work great, no slippage (vs. “nose slippage”).

“Rodent headphone” noseclips are secure
That’s what Greg Stamer called them, in a post here. Great image.

Anyway, I bought some of them. They are far more secure than either Smiley’s or Cottonmouth’s noseclips. I had to mail-order them and they cost more (about $15) but are definitely worth the money. They’re also sturdier. My other noseclips never lasted long; the wire would break.

Where’d Ya Get 'Em?

pipe foam
I cut a small square and fold it around the ends so it sticks to itself and trim it. it sticks to itself and the plastic coating on the wire. I dont have a pic. but can take one if needed.

this is it
but the pipe foam takes the place of the mini cell foam. its rubbery and water proof and self adhesive. I originally used mini cell and it didnt last any longer. the link you posted is where i got the instructions from.

Either Colorado Kayak Supply or Cascade
Can’t remember which one, but probably CKS.

The pads are silicone disks attached to a strong coiled spring. My CKS catalog says they are from Wildwasser (Prijon). All my other noseclips would break at the aluminum or copper wire from repeated bending. The “rodent headphone” coiled spring is made for this job! Holding up well on its 3rd year of use.

The one gripe I have is that the pads come detached, and they are a pain to attach to the spring. But worth the effort!

Item #03305, $14.95, BUT check this info because it’s from a 2009 catalog!