rolling using a ping pong paddle ?

Has anyone out there tried the roll with the ping pong paddle like Helen Wilson demos in the her video? just wondered if there’s any advice to a newbie trying this.(eventually that is after i have the standard Greenland is down pat)

More surface area
I’ve never tried using one but I’d bet the extra surface area would add some significant lift when first learning. You can also look for those cheap mini frisbees and add some plastic straps for handles. I was lucky enough to get my Norsaq roll without any intermediate tools but anything to increase the learning curve is a good thing.


Try This…
Before you snap up get your head as close to the surface as possible. As you push down on the ping pong paddle EXPLOSIVELY snap the boat up with your knee/thigh. (It ain’t a ‘hip snap’… it’s a thigh snap).

Developing better rolling technique
is a great goal. As you develop your technique and muscle memory you’ll notice you need less paddle support for your roll. When you get to hand rolling you’ll know your technique is very good. Use whatever works to help you move toward a hand roll. Good luck.

Does a Bowling Ball count?
I have never used a ping pong paddle, but have rolled with a bowling ball.

thanks…gives me hope. can’t to get back out there this weekend!

I should strap two under my bungees for the ultimate storm paddle. I case of emergency I could navigate a plane on the runway.

if a ping pong paddle is good
a tennis racket must be better

if a tennis racket is better, is an
if a tennis racket is better, is an ice cream stick worse?

Video of rolling with ice cream stick:

Seriously: a lot depends on the kayak, and obviuosly the low deck of the Greenland really helps :slight_smile:

one handed roll w/paddle
Any paddler who can do the one handed paddle roll (butterfly roll) can do a roll with a ping pong paddle. I wouldn’t go out of my way trying to get one. If you have one, great, it’s got a handle etc.

Once you learn to do the lay back one handed roll with the paddle, you can substitute anything and gradually reduce the size until you can hand roll.

When I use to blow my hand roll, I would grab my baseball hat and hold it in my palm so it would grab water and that would get me up.

anything that increases

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the surface area of your hand will provide you a little more support. Last I practiced hand rolling, I grabbed a small goofy-shaped piece of foam lying near the water to help me get started. They actually make hand paddles that would work very similar to a ping pong paddle. Once you get the body movement down, any old piece of junk can offer a little extra resistance for your hand if you need just a little extra push at the end. Wear a cap and use the bill. When you go under, you grab your hat so you don't lose it, and then you use it to roll back up. That could be the next big safety gear thing - the "cap"size.
Edit: Sorry, I started the post, got interupted, came back to it and posted. Didn't see the previous post. I guess Jay gets the rights to the "cap"size.


gnarlydog blog
Gnarlydog, I subscribe to your blog and really enjoy your blog entries–thanks.


Penhold or Shakehands?


long pips

rolling using a ping pong paddle
i recently bought the brooks AVATAQ inflateble float. i m very happy with it…i can do all kinds of exersices

laying in the water, using the body and focusing on being smooth…as you understand im not a great roller, but i can shift sides with a steyr roll/chest sculland roll in waves if i have to… using the avataq helps me a lot these days.its pretty to…looks like a little dophin head once inflated…

ha ha, good one.

i almost bought one of these…
but i have a big rutabaga paddle float that works almost as well and saved me a lot of $$$$. i actually have 2 paddle floats (one is mesh on 1 side) and i really like it…it doesn’t hold water. i am down to 1 slightly under flateted(hmm, is this a word?)paddle float for my rolls. so happy i am finally getting to roll. It’s hard to get someone that can go out and help you.don’t think doing it alone is a good idea.

It’s been a couple of years, but we messed around with a ping pong paddle in some pool sessions. It works, really the same as having anything that floats in your hand. You just need to be able to work within the floatation provided.

Hand paddles, like used for whitewater, work well too.

ive been thinking about them too…might be nice if oner have to swim in turulent water too…?

are there any that works well for paddling? i mean holding a paddle…